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Family tree research in the USA, UK, Ireland, Europe, Latin America

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Family tree research in the USA, UK, Ireland, Europe, Latin America & many other areas worldwide
Are you just not sure where to begin your family tree search? Hit a brick wall and don't know how to proceed with the next step in the search for you ancestors?
Our genealogists have a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in family tree research, and we are happy to assist you with your search for your ancestors and with many of the longstanding questions you may have about your ancestry and heritage. Let us answer any questions you might have before deciding to begin a family tree research project. You can visit our testimonials page and hear firsthand what our many satisfied clients are saying about our ancestry search services.
Following is a list of countries where our team can carry out research on your behalf:
Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Scotland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA, Wales

genealogy / history researchers for Latvia

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genealogy / history researchers for Latvia
We are based in Riga, Latvia

Professional Researcher for the county of Dorset, England

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Professional Researcher for the county of Dorset, England. All enquiries considered.
Dorset Delving focuses on uncovering the wealth of information available about the history of Dorset and its people. I have had experience of researching many different enquiries and belong to a number of societies and organisations involved with history and research. I have a keen interest in all aspects relating to Dorset where I live and where I can access a range of records. I specialise in enquiries relating to the county of Dorset but will consider any research requests.

A free advisory service for amateur and professional genealogists

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A free advisory service for amateur and professional genealogists
British Ancestry has been established to help all researchers from unique resources, knowledge, experience and international contacts.
Since the 1930's, I have built up one of the finest collections of books on heraldry and genealogy to be found in the UK. Add to this hundreds of original manuscripts dating back to the thirteenth century that I have collected and the extensive catalogue of lectures, reports and papers that I have written and here is a resource to be made available to those needing assistance and advice based upon more than 60 years experience since initiating the academic pursuit of Family History.

USA ancestry tracing or heir searches

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An accredited genealogist for over 16 years, I can assist you with USA ancestry tracing or heir searches
I have been working as a genealogist for over 22 years and have been an accredited genealogist for over 16 years. While I specialize in the Eastern United States, I am proficient at researching the entire United States and have experience in England, Ireland, Canada, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Mexico, and Scotland. I conduct my research at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, the largest genealogical library in the world.
My specialty is solving your research problems. Initial research begins at the Family History Library, which has a wide array of records from around the world that can be used to trace your family, but I am also adept at internet searches and utilizing many other record sources. Your research package will include a report in letter format, a detailed list of all records searched and the results of the search, copies of all documents, and family group records and pedigree charts when desired. I can trace descendancy as records allow or perform specific searches at your request. Records at the library include Census, births, marriages, deaths, land records, probates, tax records, histories, military records, city directories, cemetery records, and church records. Consultation services are also available by request.

England Midlands Family history research

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England Midlands Family history research in Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire
Nottinghamshire Archives are just 10 minutes from my home, but I am also happy to undertake research throughout most of the East Midlands (Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire). Research can be tailored to suit the needs of individual clients. All requests will be considered.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Searches all Edinburgh Scotland sources, including many not available online

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Searches all Edinburgh Scotland sources, including many not available online
Over 20 years research experience. All Edinburgh sources covered.
Those sources not available online include● Recent Births, Marriages & Deaths● Non-conformist Births, Marriages & Deaths● Censuses which are not yet on FreeCEN● Wills● Property transfers● Professional records (apprenticeships etc)● Criminal records (Were they transported ? Want to know why ?)● Monumental inscriptions● City street directories● Electoral rolls● Church records (e.g. for paternity cases)● School and University records etc.
Willing to tackle problems such as common surnames (which is not economically feasible for those using pay-per-view sources) and living relatives (who cannot be found using online sources).
Try me for your brick walls - I have (occasionally) managed to trace ancestors who changed their names, found the parents of people who died before 1855, etc.

Professional Research in the Midwest for American, Canadian and British Isles ancestors

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Professional Research in the Midwest for American, Canadian and British Isles ancestors
Discover your roots with the help of a professional genealogist and build your family tree for generations to come. Hire a talented and experienced genealogist who has access to the largest database of public records in the world (U.S. Census 1790-1930, Canada Census 1851-1911, U.K. Census 1841-1911, Ireland Census 1901-1911, birth, marriage, death, immigration, naturalization public records and more). We can help you with documenting and recording your American, Canadian and British Isles ancestors in a professional report and customized family tree wall chart.
"on-site" individual genealogy record searches for birth, marriage, divorce, death and more public records in Michigan (Oakland County, State Library/Archives & Vital Records Office - Lansing, Burton Historical Collection - Detroit, and other Michigan Counties). We can also do some "limited on-site" public record searching in SW Ontario, NW Ohio and NE Indiana (Allen County Public Library - Fort Wayne which has "one of the largest genealogy collections in the world"). Your Ancestral Family specializes in providing their clients with a free consultation in tracing family histories.

Professional Genealogists at the Family History Library

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Professional Genealogists at the Family History Library
We have several expert full-time professional genealogists staffing our firm, and we work with over 700 genealogists in locations all over the world. Genealogists on our research team have over 120 years cumulative research experience and they are experts in their chosen specialties. Specialists are available in areas of immigration, heir research, American, Native American, Canadian, Irish, Scottish, Italian, English, Polish, German, Hungarian, Slovak research and much more. Many of our colleagues are credentialed, most are published authors, and all are ready and eager to help you.

Professional Genealogist African American Research and Native American Research

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Professional Genealogist African American Research and Native American Research
● I am a professional genealogist conducting research for over 30 years.● Research available in any state in the US with special focus on Michigan● Extensive knowledge of genealogical information repositories for all Midwest states including the worlds largest genealogical collection, the LDS Family History Library, also the third largest genealogical library for the Midwest, the Library of Michigan, which houses many excellent sources for Midwest family history. I also can conduct research in Michigan's State Archives, the Clarke Library, which contains a vast collection of Native American records for the Midwest. Can also conduct research in all local county courthouses.● References available upon request.● My specialty is obtaining the records, etc. to document several generations of your family history. Then presenting it to you in a format that you can share with your family and future generations.
● Will conduct research in all states in the United States, specializing in African American and Native American.
● Can help trace your African American ancestor to a plantation before Emancipation. Search all records pertaining to the plantation owner such as land records, settlement papers, day books, and all records that were created during slavery.
● Can help trace your Native American ancestry. Search all Indian census rolls, in all areas where Native Americans resided such as North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Oklahoma where Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw lived. Will search any state in the West and Midwest where tribes such as Chippewa, Ottawa, Pottawamie, and Sioux lived.
● Full genealogical research available, including travel and photography of your hometown, cemeteries, old homestead, etc.

Research Specialists at the Family History Library

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Research Specialists at the Family History Library with Worldwide Agent Network
Located one block from the Family History Library in downtown Salt Lake City, one of the largest genealogical firms in the world for more than 30 years. Whether you’re just getting started on a family history project, or you need help overcoming a difficult research problem – we have the expertise to assist you! Our team of qualified genealogical researchers have professional credentials and many hold advanced degrees in history and genealogy. In addition, our worldwide network of research agents can access records from archives around the globe. They are fluent in more than two dozen languages and bring the entire world of family history resources to your fingertips! Languages include:• Armenian• Bulgarian• Croatian• Czech• Danish• Dutch• English• Finnish• French• German• Greek• Hungarian• Icelandic• Italian• Latin• Latvian• Norwegian• Polish• Portuguese• Romanian• Russian• Slovak• Slovenian• Spanish• Swedish• Ukrainian

South England Genealogical and historical researcher

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South England Genealogical and historical researcher, and lecturer.

Locations for research

Dorset: most original records are held in the Dorset History Centre in Dorchester; this now houses the local studies collection as well as the Dorset archives collection. Only a small number of Dorset parish registers are available online; the total number of parishes in the county is over 270. Most of the wills proved within the county are also in the Dorset Record Office and currently the only index to these is on cards in the Dorset History Centre; some other wills are in the Diocesan Record Office in Wiltshire; those wills for Dorset people proved in the PCC are held in the PRO in London. Many other local records can only be accessed by visiting the Dorset History Centre. These include:overseers papers; estate papers; property deeds; court records. These include many newspaper archives, as well as collections of particular interest to the area.

Somerset: most original records for Somerset are held in the Somerset County Record Office in Taunton. There is a further collection of material in the Somerset Studies Library,which houses newspaper archives and other collections of particular interest in the area. PLEASE NOTE: Somerset Archives will be relocating to new premises this year. Research of original documents will only be possible until March; parish registers will be available until July; then there will be a complete closure until September.

Wiltshire: The new Wiltshire and History Centre, in Chippenham, is where most
of the original records are kept for the county of Wiltshire. It is also the Diocesan Record Office, so it is home to a large collection of original wills proved within the Salisbury Diocese.

Genealogy Vacations

If you are traveling to England on the trail of your ancestors you want to make the best possible use of time. I live and work in the south west so I can help you plan your trip to the area.

Together we can assess the evidence you have and decide what what records you need; then I can advise you where to find them, suggest ways to travel and places to stay.

If you wish you can hire me to accompany you. We can search the records together and visit the places your ancestors knew. You will have your own genealogist to help you read the old handwriting, and your own local historian to interpret the landscape.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Genealogical and Historical Research in New England

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Genealogical and Historical Research in New England
Services:• Genealogical and Historical research throughout New England• Complex problem investigation• Background research for authors• Research conforming to the Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS)• Records searched include: cemetery, census, church, court, deed,directories, manuscripts, military, newspapers, probate, tax,and vital records• Access to: New England Historic Genealogical Society, StateArchives, National Archives-Northeast Region, local FamilyHistory Center, Historical Societies, American AntiquarianSociety, and other New England repositories• Will provide: detailed research report with source citations,evidence analysis, conclusions, future research suggestions, andcopies of applicable records.

Australian and British family history research servicesvAustralian and British family history research services

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Australian and British family history research services
* Family History Research - Australia, UK, Sweden and Norway
We aim to provide timely and cost effective research using online resources. Our One Name Project will research one family surname for up to 4 generations of your British ancestors back to the early 1800s.
We access National Archive records through the major online data bases and have instant access to Birth, Marriage and Death information (1837-2005) and Census information (1841-1911). We find your ancestors’ addresses, occupations and places of birth and also identify other family members living together for each decade. We maintain paid subscriptions for these services.
To provide a good starting point, gather as much information as possible from your family and relations.
We keep you informed of progress and on completion provide a full written report, certificates, a descendant chart, copies of census returns and other relevant material along with suggestions for further research.
Purchase of certificates is usually necessary in order to discover unknown ancestors and to provide proof of family connection.
Please be aware that family history research is reliant on surviving records.

Devon England Origins: Genealogy Services

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Devon England Origins: Genealogy Services
I am a family historian based in South Devon. I have 25 years experience of genealogical research, having traced branches of my own family and those of colleagues and friends. I have researched families as far afield as India and South Africa. I have studied history and social sciences to degree level, and have been trained in research methods, so you may be assured that my findings will be backed up by rigorous checking of the evidence. My knowledge of local and national social, economic and political history enables me to set your ancestors’ lives in context and provide some flesh to the bones.
I am able to research your family using local and national records as well as Internet sources.
I am able to visit the following repositories in South West England:

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Professional Scottish family history research with links to global research when required

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Professional Scottish family history research with links to global research when required
Edinburgh based within easy reach of all of Scotland's repositories, and links to others within the UK.Your Family History and Genealogy carefully researched.To date (Sept 2009) he has built a world wide client base with research areas in all countries of the United Kingdom, Australia, USA, New Zealand.We provide you with a report/family tree which will include all details of sources used. In addition to the normal Birth, Marriage and Deaths (BMD), census returns and Old Parish Registers (OPR), reports are enhanced using information which will personalize your report in the form of maps, dwelling information, photographs extracts from local papers, giving you an insight into how your ancestors survived within the environment in which they lived.

European Regional Genealogical Services

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European Regional Genealogical Services
Finding relatives, family tree research, finding people / locate person, vital records - certificates, heir & probate research, court record checking, background checking and services based on your claim. Since 2005. Serbia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro.