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Archivist, palaeographer and historical researcher in the East Midlands of England

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Pre-census genealogy. Ancestral Biography. Mediaeval & Early Modern Latin translated.
Qualified & experienced Archivist, palaeographer and historical researcher in the East Midlands of England - Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Rutland. Specialist in tracing origins of early New England settlers in this region, which includes the homes of several Pilgrim Father Families around Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. New discoveries and corrections of published genealogies are still being made.
Training and consultancy in research skills (palaeography, diplomatic, latin, etc.). A lot more happened in your ancestors' lives than just baptism, marriage and burial. I can help you to tease out the other aspects of their experience, particularly if they lived in Pilgrim Father or "Tales of Gotham" Country.
A wealth of untapped evidence survives from Mediaeval and Early Modern England, including wills and inventories, manorial and bawdy court records, deeds and terriers; you would benefit from the help of a professional in deciphering and interpreting them. The results could be surprising; do you just want a genealogy or would you prefer ancestral biography?
Genealogical research service
Ancestrography specialises in pre-census genealogy and genealogical biography. There is a wealth of sources available in local archives of which only a small proportion is yet online. Research prior to 1841 (the first detailed census year) becomes progressively more difficult and expert advice or completion will often be of inestimable value; before 1733 many documents were in Latin and we can help you jump this hurdle too. Projects undertaken by Ancestrography in the East Midlands; advice given for projects throughout the UK.
Family trees and ancestral biographies compiled from all available sources including census, parish registers, wills and inventories, manorial records, poor law records, churchwardens' accounts and many more. Set in the context of demography, local and national history, and the sociological history of families, which is now an academic discipline in its own right.
Many thanks for this additional information. Previously they were just names and dates but having more background to them makes them much more real.
Latin and English documents transcribed, translated and fully interpreted, giving you extra insights into your ancestors' lives.
Thank you for dealing so quickly with my enquiry and for producing such an excellent first report. I am particularly pleased with the transcription of [the] will and your accompanying comments.
He has researched extensively in archives throughout Great Britain and has taught historical research methods for the universities of Birmingham, Keele, Leicester, and Oxford. He is developing an expertise in the History of the Family, teaching modules on Kinship and Marriage at the University of Nottingham during 2007-2008.
Archive consultancy service
Transcription, translation and interpretation of Latin and English documents
Thanks very much for the translation. I’m well pleased. You wouldn't believe how difficult it is to find someone who is willing and capable to take on this kind of work.
Training in Latin and palaeography (reading old handwriting)
Palaeographical analysis
Consultancy service for individuals, institutions and businesses about creating and caring for an archive
Planning your own documentary research projects, identifying key sources of information and their locations
House and landscape history
Do you want to discover the history of your home? You might meet some amazing characters from the past! The story of your house will give you great pleasure and be something to share with your family, friends and neighbours. I can help you to identify physical clues in the fabric of the building, carry out thorough documentary research, and produce a printed and illustrated report.
Projects undertaken in Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire; consultancy and training service for research in other parts of England.

Slovak professional genealogist - ancestry, family tree, relatives search, genealogy and heraldry

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Slovak professional genealogist - ancestry, family tree, relatives search, genealogy and heraldry
Utilize my experience which is supported by university education and an employment history. I am offering respectability, professionalism and responsible approach.
Genealogical research - reconstructing family history, creating family trees, photographic documentation of sites connected to one's ancestors (buildings, churches, gravestones, etc.), surname etymology.
Heraldry – consultations, designs of family (civil) coat of arms.
Ancestral tours - I cooperate with travel agency "Dovolenka" (Holiday) and we can arrange for you sightseeing tours with guide to all the places you would like to visit and all the other things you would need as accommodation, transport from the airport etc. Also we can find people in Slovakia who are relatives of your travelers, if they have lost a contact with them, or even never knew about them.
Digital photographs, scanned pictures, copies, translations from foreign languages.

Slovak professional genealogist - ancestry, family tree, relatives search, genealogy and heraldry

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Slovak professional genealogist - ancestry, family tree, relatives search, genealogy and heraldry
Utilize my experience which is supported by university education and an employment history. I am offering respectability, professionalism and responsible approach.
Genealogical research - reconstructing family history, creating family trees, photographic documentation of sites connected to one's ancestors (buildings, churches, gravestones, etc.), surname etymology.
Heraldry – consultations, designs of family (civil) coat of arms.
Ancestral tours - I cooperate with travel agency "Dovolenka" (Holiday) and we can arrange for you sightseeing tours with guide to all the places you would like to visit and all the other things you would need as accommodation, transport from the airport etc. Also we can find people in Slovakia who are relatives of your travelers, if they have lost a contact with them, or even never knew about them.
Digital photographs, scanned pictures, copies, translations from foreign languages.

Scottish genealogical research

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Researcher with over 25 years experience in Scottish genealogical research
I have worked in and travelled throughout Scotland for 50 years and, as a result, have a close and intimate knowledge of the local geography, history, place names and people of Scotland. This can be a most useful asset when building a broader picture of a family and its history.
I undertake research for all parts of Scotland into all aspects of Genealogy and family history. Some of these and some of the records to which I have ready access are listed on my services page.
I also undertake research in more obscure records to try to progress research which has, apparently, been halted by "lack of records". I am a specialist in solving difficult problems.
For further details of my services please contact me. I shall be delighted to hear from you.
I can research your ancestry/family history as far back as you wish to go or the records will allow. Typically, these would use, first, statutory and Old Parish Registers; census records, monumental inscriptions; Kirk Session records, property records etc.and develop into many other available records. The research can be basic or more detailed to reveal more of your ancestors lives, conditions, explanations of occupations etc.
Remember that not all members of a family left Scotland. Siblings of emigrants may have remained here and by finding their living descendants the present can be used to find the past. This can be most rewarding - in human terms and as a means of finding information about early generations - often not available in the records.
I specialise in solving particularly difficult research problems. I live and work in Edinburgh where all the Scottish records are held. I have ready access to the very wide range of records available here. I can use these to try to find ways around difficult problems. Sometimes, a problem can be overcome by moving from the main research line, taking a different route, and returning to the main line at a later stage.
Ancestry Family history Living relatives Sighting and copying of certificates etc. Army records Testaments (Wills). Property records. Judiciary records. Old newspapers (Obituaries, death notices & event reports.) Non conformist denomination records. Monumental inscriptions. Kirk Session records. Old maps. University, school and professional organisations

England genealogy service for Somerset and Bristol origins

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A friendly England genealogy service for Somerset and Bristol origins
Short and long term projects undertaken - One generation or manyOr just tying up those loose ends in your family treeFree consultation and advice - within reason!
Whether you're just starting out tracing your family history, or you're an experienced researcher with a problem that needs solving but can't get to the records yourself, then maybe I can help.
I have over 20 years' experience in Genealogical work, beginning with my own family history, then helping friends at home and overseas. Since January 1999 I have served over 240 clients from various parts of the world to further their family research. I am a professional scientist, and employ a careful and logical approach to my work - the only way with this kind of meticulous detective work.
I operate from a Somerset village near Bristol in the South West of England, with easy access to archives for both areas. If you have ancestors from this part of England I can probably help you to trace them. I work on ancestry projects in Somerset and Bristol, and am not normally prepared to work farther afield.
I aim to provide a friendly and interactive service, working with you through e-mail. Family research usually throws up plenty of surprises and contradictions which usually upset the best laid plans, so it's important that both parties keep in touch at every stage. Apart from being more fun for everyone, it actually produces better, quicker and more focussed results.
Some of the Records I use
# Civil Registration of Birth, Marriage and Death.
# Census Returns for Great Britain, every 10 years 1841 to 1901.
# Parish Registers and Bishops Transcripts of Church baptisms, marriages and burials. Some date back to 1538, though 1600 is more usual.
# Marriage Licences and Bonds recording intentions of marriage, usually of richer people.
# Wills and Administrations of Goods, often with very important family information, and sometimes Inventories of property.
# Parish Records like Minutes of the Vestry and the Overseers of the Poor, Churchwardens Accounts, Rate Books, Paupers' Settlement Certificates, Apprenticeship records, Vagrancy and Bastardy Certificates. From about 1750 to 1850 with information about the lives of some individuals.
# Tax Records such as Subsidy Rolls, Muster Rolls, Protestation Oaths, Hearth Tax, Poll Tax, Tithe Maps and Apportionments, and Land Tax Assessments. These can give snapshots of (usually property-owning) people at various points in time from Mediaeval to the 19th Century.
# Legal and Criminal Records such as Manor Court Rolls, Gaol Registers, Quarter Sessions, County Assizes, Transportation.

Professional Family History Research from Bristol England

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Professional Family History Research from Bristol England
With almost 30 years experience in researching family history, I can help get you answers.
Do you have the desire to know more about your family but not the time?
Or perhaps you're just not in the right location to pursue your family research?
Lost a family member in a census, can’t find that elusive wedding or just don’t know where to look next? Then perhaps I can help.
With virtually 30 years experience in researching family history, I can provide whatever support you require. Whether it's a short ' look-up' or the building of a whole family tree, checking birth, marriage and death indexes, photographs or just a fresh pair of eyes to help you to move forward again.
I've turned my hobby into my full-time profession in order to help others to trace their roots. In the early days I travelled with my mother and grandmother spending weeks away in the North East filling out the detail of a family tree of several thousand relatives when the internet and on-line resources were non-existent. I learnt how and where to search for archive information, and how to find things quickly.

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Professional Scottish Family History Research

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Professional Scottish Family History Research
Scottish Genealogy and Family History and we want to share our enthusiasm with you. We tailor our research to the individual needs of each client and their unique Scottish Family Tree.
Scottish Archives and discover more about your Ancestors and their place in Scottish History.
We carry out research in Scotland’s major archives including:
General Register Office for ScotlandNational Archives of ScotlandNational Library of ScotlandMitchell Library GlasgowScottish Genealogy Society LibraryAnd many other Archives, Libraries & Local Studies Centres.

Family Tree researcher for the UK

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Family Tree researcher for the UK and offers a 3 month Family Tree package
I carry out research in the county of Buckinghamshire. I can research the Bucks parish records, wills etc. I also provide an ancestral lineage research service for England. Beginning with parents or grandparents I will research back providing information on your ancestors. At the end of the research you will receive a full report and lineage chart contained within a report folder. Also holder of the Sussex, Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire Marriage Indexes
I have local access to the civil registration index (birth, death and marriage indices) which I can visit on a daily basis. I also have access to all the census from 1851-1901, the Pallotts Marriage Index and The National Burial Index. As a member of The Society of Genealogists I have access to the largest collection of parish records in the UK. I offer a friendly, personal, but professional service. I offer a 3 month research service to uncover your family tree beginning with parents, grandparents or great grandparents. Your report will be sent to you in a presentation folder complete with tree and documents.

Yorkshire based family history researcher offering UK research in all areas

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Yorkshire based family history researcher offering UK research in all areas
I am a Yorkshire based family history researcher. I offer my services to help build your family tree in full or part or to carry out small investigative searches to assist your own research. This will cover England, Scotland and Wales.
I aim to provide a service that is friendly and professional.
I was the local researcher for my local family history society, undertaking searches for distant members, often from America or Australia and New Zealand with family roots in the UK.I tutored adults in researching their own family history studies.

Professional genealogist in Sweden

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Professional genealogist in Sweden
Language skills:Fluent in English.Fluent in Swedish (native language).Knowledge of German, French, Hebrew, and Latin.
Swedish Genealogy focus on Swedish-American genealogy, and provides research services on the ancestry of Swedish-American immigrants.

UK Professional, reliable genealogy and family history research covering Sussex, Surrey, Kent and London

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UK Professional, reliable genealogy and family history research covering Sussex, Surrey, Kent and London
Are you interested in your family history or have you begun your family history but want to take it further? Have you reached a point where you need professional help?
Specialising in Sussex based family history but not restricted to, we also regularly carry out research at Surrey, Kent and London repositories.
Free, no obligation consultation
Location photography
From simple lookups to building full family histories

USA Family history research, lineage society preparation, heir search, missing persons

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USA Family history research, lineage society preparation, heir search, missing persons
An organization designed to assist individuals to connect with their past through genealogy research and spiritual awareness. We believe that the study of self through genealogy is a life-changing experience. We have extensive knowledge of the concepts of genealogy and investigative work with over 30 years of experience. Our active case load varies from traditional research, lineage society preparation, heir search, missing persons and even solving of murder mysteries. More importantly, we have been able to bridge schisms created within families over many generations and have successfully connected and re-connected families separated for generations.
Researchers available throughout the US, Salt Lake City with colleagues in Germany, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Ukraine. Susan and members of her staff have traveled extensively in Europe and Eastern Europe and assisted many with their travel to their ancestral towns.

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Family Research and Professional Polish Genealogy

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Family Research and Professional Polish Genealogy
Choose our company in Salt Lake City, Utah, to help you in your family research into your German, Eastern European, or Polish genealogy. Don't get frustrated by your search—contact us in Salt Lake City, Utah, for more information today.
Genealogy research in the former areas of Germany/Prussia, Austria-Hungary, Galicia, Poland and other Eastern European countries. In many cases, finding the place of birth of your ancestors can create a real challenge—but it is not an impossible task! There is one major rule in genealogy to follow: start the research from that what you know and let it take you toward the unknown.
Most of the genealogical services are performed at the Salt Lake City Family History Library, also known as the Genealogical Library. This library has the best reputation and genealogical collection in the entire world.
Services Include:• Translations of Genealogical Material• Genealogical Research in the U.S. & Abroad• Consultations • Research Trips
• Finding living relativesin Europe• Finding Documents– Birth, Marriage, & Death Records

Ontario and Quebec Canadian Family History Research

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Ontario and Quebec Canadian Family History Research
I am a graduate of the National Institute of Genealogical Studies and have Professional Learning Certificates in Genealogical Studies for both Canadian and American Records. Specializing in Ontario and Quebec research, I have easy access to the Archives of Ontario, Toronto Reference Library and the Canadiana Department of the North York Public Library. With more than twenty-five years experience, I am an expert in the research of Ontario's birth, marriage and death records, census records (1842-1911), newspapers, church, military, probate, and land records, including land petitions and other documents relating to the Loyalists. Few records relating to Canadian immigration survive prior to 1865; however, after that date, detailed ships' passenger lists are available, and these serve as Canada's records of immigration until 1935.
I also have access to Ontario French Catholic parish registers.
Research in both English and French speaking Quebec is another area of expertise. A descendant of Quebec Loyalists myself, I have a great deal of experience locating documents relating to the Loyalists of the Eastern Townships of Quebec, including English parish registers where available. I also have access to French Catholic parish registers throughout the province. These registers are the primary source for Quebec births, marriages and deaths, as civil registration did not begin in that province until very recently. Census records, which predate those available in Ontario, are another source of valuable information.

Scotland-based genealogist can research your tree directly from the original records

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Scotland-based genealogist can research your tree directly from the original records here
From a single certificate to a fully-researched hand-bound Family History Book of your Scottish ancestry, all researched by a professional genealogist in Edinburgh. Free feasibility consultation. Scottish Research using all local resources available:
· Scottish births/marriages/deaths 1855 to dateWell Researched - Well Presented - Wonderfully Received!· Old Parish Registers (baptisms & marriage banns prior to 1855)· Census Records 1841-1901· Kirk Session Minutes· Wills & Testaments· Land registration (transfers, Sasines Register etc)· Court records· Non-conformist Church and other religious records· Records of Poll Tax, Hearth Tax & Valuation Rolls· Electoral rolls, street directories, Post Office/County/Trade directories· Monumental Inscriptions

Genealogy research in USA records including Census, Vital Records, Land, Probate

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I have helped many extend their family lines. I have also helped with small projects, brick walls, and gathering information for family reunions. I can prepare Family Group Sheets and Pedigree Charts if requested. I look forward to assisting those in search of their family history.
*Over 20 years experience.*Available for research*Genealogy research in USA records including Census, Vital Records, Land, Probate*Access to many databases.*Enthusiast research of your genealogical problem in a time-efficient manner.
Affordable Ancestor ResearchLocal research - specializing in Southeast Florida and Martin County*Census *Birth *Death *Marriage *Church *Military *Cemetery*Land *Probate *Social Security *Obituary *Immigration*Published Family History *On-line
* Consultation with you to determine the extent of research desired. I welcome small projects such as look-ups, as well as extensive research assignments on a family.* Locate and search records pertinent to the project. I will search in the appropriate primary and secondary sources and include copies or extracts of documents. I will cite all sources including those that had a negative result.* Evaluate the evidence. I will assess the information for credibility and value to the project.* Prepare Research Reports. I will submit research logs containing a list of sources consulted, their location, and results of the search, I will submit my evaluation and suggestions for further research. If requested, I will prepare Family Group Sheets & Pedigree Charts.* Communicate by email. On longer projects, progress reports will be sent at specified intervals to keep you informed. The next phase of research will be discussed. You will have the opportunity to authorize further investigation or terminate the project at any time.

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Illinois Adoption related or missing heir searches, and tracing your family history

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Illinois Adoption related or missing heir searches, and tracing your family history
Our services are diverse and custom tailored to our client's needs. We can perform the search or family history research for you or, if you prefer, we'll simply guide you through the process.
For Cook County, Illinois (Chicago area) Adoption Searches --- A Unique Resource: 'Chicago Daily Law Bulletin' Searches.
Nearly EVERY Cook County adoption had a 'legal notice of adoption' and 'petition to adopt' in this publication.
Able to search by birth name or adoptive parents’ names!
This is a one-of-a-kind, accurate & legal method of obtaining this information that usually can be obtained no other way in Illinois, a closed record state.
Birthparents - learn your adult CHILD'S NAME! The CDLB search provides the adoptive parents’ names, and from there it’s easy to learn the rest of your child’s name.
Adoptees - learn your BIRTH NAME! Occasionally the name of a birthparent is also included!
1934 through 1963: Immediate lookups in computer database with a photo image of actual adoption notice or petition sent to you.

LONDON Research at the FRC, Guildhall, LMA, National Archives, Kew, and other London offices

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All London archives visited; Also hold the West Kent marriage index 1538-1812
I have over 30 years experience of professional research in London.LONDON Research at the FRC, Guildhall, LMA, National Archives, Kew, and other London offices; Also specialise in Kent families

Pennsylvania genealogy Research Specialist

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Pennsylvania genealogy Research Specialist, covering all 67 counties
We are Pennsylvania genealogy research specialists with collateral expertise in New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and Virginia. We conduct on-site research at county court houses and historical/genealogical societies in addition to state and national repositories.
* On-site County Research throughout Pennsylvania
* Pennsylvania State Archives and Pennsylvania State Library Research, Harrisburg, PA
* Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania and Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
* Philadelphia City Archives
* NARA, Mid-Atlantic Branch, Philadelphia, PA
* Library of Congress, Washington, DC
* Pennsylvania Home History Research
* Research in the Surrounding States of New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and Virginia
* German-to-English translation of genealogical documents

Tracing your German ancestors in Germany, Switzerland, Austria

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genealogical research company based in Salt Lake City, Utah, specializing in Tracing your German ancestors in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and other German speaking countries. We also do background work in United States and Canadian sources, in order to determine the exact place of origin of your ancestor(s).
Using the vast collection of German language records at the Family History Library, as well as local agents in Europe, we provide a comprehensive research package for all who are documenting their German heritage.
Please choose a specific area of interest from the list at left, and we will provide you with further information on availability of records and resources.
Genealogical services provides detailed and fully documented research projects, along with copies of original documents from microfilm and published sources available at the Family History Library and other repositories around the world.
Our location in Salt Lake City offers us access to the most extensive genealogical library anywhere, including a microfilm collection in excess of two million rolls.
Filmed church and civil registers from Germany, Switzerland and other countries provide original source material unequalled in any other library, even in Europe.

Hungarian Jewish ancestral research

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Hungarian Jewish ancestral research and a surname database of Hungarian Jews
All kinds of researches are provided - finding graves, locating long lost relatives, putting together family trees, etc.

Professional researcher specialising in British & Welsh ancestry

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Professional researcher specialising in British & Welsh ancestry
Our professional family tree package is more than just charts.We use the most up to date software package which provides a selection of charts, family trees etc.We will also go the extra mile & obtain as much history, photos of the area as possible.All information is presented in a professional file.

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Research company located near the Family History Library in Salt Lake City

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Research company located near the Family History Library in Salt Lake City
Genealogical research company located near the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, which holds the world’s largest genealogy record collection. Our team of professional genealogists specializes in researching family trees, including U.S. genealogy, the British Isles, Germany, Canadian genealogy, Italy, and much more. We can help you in the search for your ancestral roots!
Our professional genealogists (often misspelled as "geneologists") have university degrees in genealogy and family history, are accredited genealogists, have received certifications and other awards, and/or have decades of genealogy experience. You can read about each professional genealogist and feel assured that your family tree research will be in great hands.
Since our professional genealogists reside in Utah, near the Family History Library, we have access to millions of genealogy records and databases. Hiring a Utah genealogist group is really the best and easiest way to discover your family tree, no matter where your ancestors resided! If we aren't able to access a record through the Family History Library in Utah, we have contacts with agents all over the world who access records for us.
Professional Genealogy Research
If you want to learn more about your heritage, you've found the right place! We specialize in researching family trees.
ResearchYour family tree will be researched by professional genealogists who know how to compile accurate genealogies using original records.
We conduct most of our research at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, which holds the world's largest collection of genealogical records. We also direct research at other archives and repositories when needed.
DocumentationWe create well-documented and accurate family trees. Our professional genealogists will provide you with copies of original documents about your ancestors, sometimes with your ancestors' own signatures!
These documents include birth and death certificates, marriage records, wills, deeds, and more.
ReportingEach research session includes a full research report written by a professional genealogist and peer-reviewed using stringent quality assurance guidelines.
This report discusses all aspects of the research performed and includes professional recommendations for extending your family tree in the future.
We also include a research calendar with each project, which is a list of all records searched.
Genealogical chartsWe not only research your family tree, we organize it for you.
We organize your family tree into a computerized and printed file with ancestry and family charts (pedigree charts and family group sheets). This file includes birth, marriage, and death information for your ancestors, with source documentation.
Paper copies of these charts will be included in your project binder and you will also be able to download an electronic version of the charts through a web page we create for you.
Presentation binderWe send our research results in an attractive navy blue binder.Genealogical research binder

Genealogical Research and Slovak Translation Service

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Genealogical Research and Slovak Translation Service
SLOVAK GENEALOGY AND TRANSLATION SERVICES welcomes you to this site. If you are interested in your family tree, family history, ancestral past, having documents and letters translated or help to locate relatives and family members still living in the Slovak Republic, you have come to the right place. We provide Genealogy Research to trace your family history and upon completion we will send you a completed Ancestral Report containing your Personal Ancestral Chart, Family Group Sheets and Pedigree Charts listing all names and pertinent information on your Ancestors. In addition copies of church records containing baptismal, marriage and death information will also be included in your report. Research is conducted in those former areas of the Austria - Hungarian Empire and Czechoslovakia which are now present day Slovakia. We also provide a translation service to translate documents and letters into English, Slovak or Czech . If you are trying to find distant relatives and family members still living in Slovakia we will use our resources to help find them and put you in touch with them. We will also help you with any correspondence and letter writing that you may wish to do with your new found relatives.

Network of highly experienced researchers all over the globe!

More at http://expertgenealogy.com/?x=genwiz
Network of highly experienced researchers all over the globe! Free e-mail consultations.
For the first time a network of highly experienced professional researchers around the globe has joined together offering;● Genealogical research,● Biographies including details on how and where your ancestors did live.● What it was like then and what it's like now, special timelines etc,● Paralegal expertise,● Special individual arrangements for your "trip back to your roots", including accommodation, travel, guides etc,
We also offer free email consultations.

Family history research in the Midwest USA

More at http://expertgenealogy.com/?x=genresearcher
Family history research in the Midwest USA
Specializing in Ohio, Michigan, New York and Pennsylvania.
Full time researcher since 2002 with continuing education over several areas ranging from census work to immigration & naturalization to the European countries of my heritage.
I offer minimal to extensive family history research on an hourly basis with flexibility to handle special situations on a case by case basis. My experience comes from previous research in the Midwest and Northeast with my area of specialty being Ohio.

New Zealand genealogy research

More at http://expertgenealogy.com/?x=gencentre
New Zealand genealogy research
I have helped several hundred people over the last three years. I am able to do all types of New Zealand research including tracing living family members. I can help you with obtaining birth, death and marriage certificates, wills, military records, searching electoral rolls, immigration records and much more. I have a large library of records. My specialties are military research, migration records and researching families in the Auckland province. I have a range of genealogy CDs for sale with records relating to my areas of interest.

Missing Heirs & Genealogy Research in Argentina and Latin America

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Missing Heirs & Genealogy Research in Argentina and Latin America
For more than fifteen years we have dedicated to Genealogy Research, gaining a great amount of experience in this field, which allow us to determine the best methodology to make a professional research.
Working jointly with professional investigators all over the world, we have united a highly specialized research team prepared to solve all types of genealogy queries.
Our organization have a sole objective: Give you the best answer about the knowledge of your Family History.
Working jointly with worldwide professional experts, we have formed a research team, specially compound to solve all your consultations.
We consider, Family History is unique and special for every single person, because of this reason, professional counseling and compromise with genealogy investigations are our groundwork.
In virtue of this, we work with all our passion at service of Family Roots.

Family history research in English records

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Family history research in English records
I offer a range of services from simple look-ups to presentation-quality family histories. With access to the extensive archives available in London, as well as the increasing body of information accessible digitally online, I am able to research families nationally in England & Wales back to 1837 and often much further.

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Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana Professional genealogical and historical research

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Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana Professional genealogical and historical research and report writing.
Qualified researcher and writer, conducting record searches and more extensive historical and family line projects. Conduct research in state libraries and archives, county courthouses, historical societies, public libraries and local Family History Centers. I'll perform records look-ups and photocopies, as well as consult with you to resolve research problems or investigate more extensive research links. Member of several historical and genealogical societies in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana; over 12 years experience

UK Genealogist and Researcher in Archives

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UK Genealogist and Researcher in Archives
UK genealogist and researcher in archives with some twenty years experience in genealogical research throughout the British Isles and has a wide knowledge of record offices and archives on both a national and local level.
He was a research assistant at the College of Arms in London between 1987 and 1996 and he is, therefore, able to give advice upon heraldry, particularly from a British point of view. He also undertakes research within the archives of the Corporation of the City of London and those of the City's Livery Companies - the ancient guilds of the city.
John is a Member of the Court of Assistants, Freeman and Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Scriveners of the City of London and a Freeman of the City of London. He is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland and a Member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, as well as being a member of other heraldic and genealogical societies.
As Head of the Territorial House of Tunesi of Liongam and Heritable Proprietor of the Island of Liongam in the Western Isles of Scotland, he is particularly interested in the heraldry and genealogies of the families that are found along the western seaboard of Scotland.
John can undertake a range of genealogical research from large projects to individual searches. He also undertakes heraldic research and identifications, as well as palaeography - the deciphering of old documents.

ITALIAN research

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ALL REGIONS OF ITALY. We'll build your family tree in a fraction of the time it would take you.
ITALIAN research (some USA). 29 yrs of exp. Official vital records from Italy, replicas of original documents from microfilm, full family trees, village photos, find living relatives, help with your trip to Italy, or whatever else you need !

UK professional genealogist

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UK professional genealogist, writer and broadcaster, and has been tracing family and home histories for over twenty years. He was Research Director of the supporting company of the Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies, and now runs his own successful genealogical practice in London. He traces family trees all over the world.
Research tends to fall into two broad categories – tracing family trees back from scratch, or undertaking research to solve problems for people who have already started, but have got stuck. He also seeks living relatives, and has particular interest in heraldry, using DNA for genealogy, surnames and ancient family trees.
Increasingly, records are becoming available on the Internet. These are used where appropriate, especially when the Internet allows large collections of material to be searched quickly. However, Internet resources are not a substitute to proper research, undertaken by properly trained researchers, using proper records, in archives. Too often now, it is on the Internet that research runs into difficulties, and mistakes are made. As ever, it is amongst the original records in the archives that problems are overcome and mistakes corrected.

Family History Research Service in Scotland

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Family History Research Service in Scotland
Need help tracing your Scottish roots?Are you a complete beginner at the increasingly popular genealogy game?Or are you an experienced researcher who would benefit from some local, on-the-spot support?- whatever the level of your interest in your family’s Scottish history, we are here to help you!
● Search basic Scottish records - although a lot of information is available online, you have to beware of confusion ( and extra expense!) caused by common names.
● Search for fuller Scottish records at Register House and the National Archives in Edinburgh, including wills, property transfers, Church of Scotland and Roman Catholic records.
● Source old photographs of places where your ancestors lived and worked, in Scotland.
● If your ancestors lived on a farm in a rural area of Scotland, the chances are that it still exists, and may not look too different to what it did 200 years ago – why not let us find it and take photos for you?
● Visit graveyards and take photographs. We can report the condition of graves, and leave flowers on your behalf.
● Locate addresses that no longer exist in their old form – we can send you map references, and you can actually view them on Google Earth!
● Research people and places before your visit to Scotland, and help you plan your itinerary.
● Give you a real ‘feel’ for who your Scottish ancestors were, and how they lived their lives.

UK genealogical research service with Oxon, Berks and Bucks

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UK genealogical research service with Oxon, Berks and Bucks a speciality
Based in Caversham near Reading, Thames Valley Ancestry provides a genealogical research service to clients throughout the UK, with the nearby counties of Oxon, Berks and Bucks a speciality. It was set up by Ken Wheeler, a professional genealogist who has been researching his own family tree for over 25 years.The company undertakes all kinds of assignments, from just checking one entry in a parish register to researching a full-scale family history.Whether entirely new to family history, or already undertaking your own research and looking for some help, or perhaps considering a quality bound report/ pedigree as a wonderful and everlasting gift to a family member, Thames Valley Ancestry provides a friendly, relaxed and quality service.The business offers a range of services, including full family history research, biographical research, tracing of living relatives, palaeography and transcription, consultation and advice on research techniques and specific problems.Records used will depend on the nature of the assignment but may include records of General Registration (Births, Deaths and Marriages), Census returns, Parish records, Probate records, Armed Services records, Education and Occupation records, Migration and Transportation records, Non-conformist records, Newspapers and Trade Directories and many others.Good genealogical research is a challenging task and requires wide analytical and reporting skills and an in-depth knowledge of available sources of information. By choosing Thames Valley Ancestry you are assured of hiring someone who has these attributes and who is properly trained and accredited. Although specialising in research in the Thames Valley area, research is undertaken for other parts of the UK.

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USA Professional Research

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USA Professional Research
She has honed her genealogical skills through years of genealogical coursework and field research both in the U.S. and abroad
Areas of Special Emphasis
Geographic Areas:West and Pacific Northwest* California* Oregon* Washington* Arizona* New Mexico
Midwest* Minnesota* Illinois* Wisconsin* Iowa
South* South Carolina* North Carolina Virginia* Maryland* Alabama* Georgia* Tennessee* Texas
Tlmeframes:· 18th century· 19th century· Early 20th century
Ethnicities:· Irish· German· Polish· Dutch· Italian

Professional Research from Norway

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Professional Research from Norway
Help persons living in English-speaking countries find their Norwegian family's genealogy and stories, particularly involving relatives who emigrated to North America. Aids Norwegians in finding the descendants/stories of their North American immigrant relatives.
You will find useful information to help you trace your ancestral lines, both in Norway and in early Norwegian-American settlements in the United States and Canada.
In the course of your research, you may learn not only who your ancestors were, but also, if they emigrated, why they might have done so, how they managed and afforded the adventure, and why they chose to live where they did in North America. You may also learn about the relatives left in Norway and may find some cousins you didn't know you had.

Research throughout England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales

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I Research throughout England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. I undertake full scale research into a family history and one off focused investigations into individuals.
I specialise in finding families from Great Britain and their place of origin. I also locates living relatives in Great Britain and abroad.
Although research is my major interest I am also called upon to write pieces for Family History publications including several important articles on tracing overseas relatives for Your Family Tree. I have a regular monthly column in Practical Family History and I also write for Family History Monthly.

Specialist in early Ontario Upper Canada records

More at http://expertgenealogy.com/?x=uppercanadagenealogy
Specialist in early Ontario Upper Canada records
25 years' experience researching Canadian, American and European ancestors and will be happy to help you with all phases of your family history project including ancestral research, locating descendants, historical research, and family history book writing.
Her expertise includes Upper Canadian history, fur trade history, and turning bare bones genealogies into full-fledged family histories. Her website includes a variety of resources for people researching in this early period, including indexes to the Upper Canada Sundries, Gore and Home District jail records and Prince Edward County women’s wills.

American, Mexican and European genealogical research

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American, Mexican and European genealogical research
- Over 2 decades of genealogical research- Bachelor of Arts Degree in Hispanic Studies- Studied many languages, including, Latin, French, Spanish, Russian, German- Successful with many "brick-wall" immigrant ancestor research projects.- Organize data on computer and make copies of all pertinent documents- Fees are minimal. You get lots of information for a small price- References available upon request.- Many VERY happy past and present clients who will recommend my service.
Research done in the following areas:Alsace, France Denmark GermanyMéxico Luxembourg the NetherlandsPoland United States

Yorkshire and Northeast England professional genealogist

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Yorkshire and Northeast England professional genealogist in the North of England.
Since 1997 he has been employed by Hull City Council as a full-time professional genealogist, running the Family History Unit at Hull Central Library; the Unit provides a free advice and education service for the residents of the city of Hull. Over this period he has helped more than 1400 people with their family history projects. He specialises in the records of Hull of the 19th and 20th centuries, but has extensive expertise of all aspects of family history work including: wills and probate research, tracing birth parents of adopted people, tracing living relatives, parish and non-conformist register searches, tracing burial places, and the production of pedigrees and presentation copies (popular as birthday or Christmas presents).
Areas CoveredAll depositories in Hull and East Yorkshire, including Hull Libraries, Hull City Archives, Hull University Archives, East Riding Archives and local private collections. Other depositories in Yorkshire and Northeast England can be visited by arrangement.

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Spain & Portugal Genealogy Research

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Spain & Portugal Genealogy Research
Genealogical Research conducted primarily at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.
Accredited Genealogist with 20 years experience. Will research Parish and or Civil Registers, and any other source of genealogical information, like military records, etc. Translations of documents are also available. Fee is $25 per hour, plus cost of copies of documents. Research on location in Spain can be done by arrangement.
* Translations: Translation of documents from Spanish or Portuguese to English. Any type of documents, letter, certificate, military record, town description, etc.
* Family History: No genalogy is complete without historical and place facts that will make the whole a family treasure for generations.
* Coat of Arms: These emblems are a very special symbol of the nobility and origin of a lineage in Spain. Once the place of origin of the surname is known, the associated Coat of Arms may be identified.

Family History Research for England and Wales

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Family History Research for England and Wales
Family History and Record Agent
I specialise in research for Worcestershire, Birmingham and Warwickshire but through Worcester Family History Centre am able to hire microfilms for many other counties, plus I have many professional contacts throughout England whom I can call on for assistance where records not available to me.
I have been a family historian for twenty years and have lived in Worcestershire all my life, with many family members living in Birmingham. So I have a wealth of knowledge for the area.
I like to think I offer an excellent service and have had many recommendations from clients. I treat all my clients as individuals. Some prefer a business-like approach. Some prefer to treat me as a friend - or even a member of the family!
Family history can be presented in many ways. The choice is yours. Perhaps you prefer a simple email....or perhaps a professional report with the inclusion of photographs of relevant places. The choice is yours.
I hope to hear from you soon when together we can build a picture of your ancestors.

Genealogist specializing in Virginia, West Virginia & Maryland Ancestry

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Certified Genealogist (CG) specializing in Virginia, West Virginia & Maryland Ancestry
Virginia Ancestry Genealogical Research Services by Victor S. Dunn, CG(Certified Genealogist) - Genealogical Research and Consulting for Virginia, Eastern West Virginia, Maryland and D.C. - Land platting & ancestral neighborhood reconstruction. - Heir Searches - DAR & SAR Lineage Applications - Family History writing & placing ancestors in social context - Photo digitization Please provide the following on your "problem ancestor" or earliest known ancestor if available: * Vital statistics. * Information on spouses and his/her parents. * Names of children including their vital statistics and spouses. * Names of siblings. * Records of land ownership, census records, wills, court records, military service and family traditions of origin. * A listing of sources previously searched that you do not want duplicated for this project. * Research reports prepared by other researchers. * You do not need to include all information on the descendants, such as grandchildren and great-grandchildren. However, please indicate if there is a first or middle name that appears to be a family surname that has passed down through the generations.

Genealogist specialising in Welsh ancestry and genealogy tours

More at http://expertgenealogy.com/?x=WelshAncestors
Genealogist specialising in Welsh ancestry and genealogy tours. Based in Criccieth, Gwynedd.
Genealogist with almost 30 years experience, covering Wales and England. Choose from our value-for-money family history packages or opt for a tailor-made or look-up service.
Welsh expertise: Wales' unique culture, social history and language can offer many challenges to those researching their family history – we have the knowledge needed to accurately trace your Welsh ancestors. And, based in Gwynedd, we are ideally placed to offer more in-depth research in north Wales' county record offices.
As we are a bilingual (Welsh-English) business, translations of any Welsh language documents, such as newspaper articles and 1911 census entries, form part of our service.
Genealogy tours: we provide tailor-made itineraries for those of you who want to return to the land of your fathers and mothers. Spend the vacation of a lifetime following in your forebears' footsteps. Visit the villages where your ancestors lived and the churches where they were baptised and married. Immerse yourself in Welsh heritage whilst discovering the delights of north Wales today — the scenery, the food, the wildlife and the people.

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Genealogy Research for Belgium and Flanders

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Genealogy Research for Belgium and Flanders
Genealogy in Flanders - Belgium by local genealogist.
If you need probate research or
if you are making a family tree and searching for long lost ancestors,in either case we can help.
We are experienced genealogists, living in Belgium, and familiar with local archives.Over the years we've made countless family trees and know our way trough the system.
Do you have a specific question, do not hesitate to contact us.You can rely on our personal approach and dedication.We speak English, French, Dutch and German.

Genealogical Research in Quebec Canada

More at http://expertgenealogy.com/?x=fvickerson
Genealogical Research in Quebec Canada for both Catholic and non-Catholic ancestors
Whether they were Catholic or Protestant, I can help you find them.
I have been conducting genealogical research for some 30 years and have experience in conducting research in several Canadian Provinces, England, Scotland, Ireland and Germany. While my language of choice is English, I can work comfortably with French genealogical records.
Resources Available (abbreviated list):1) Various Catholic marriage indexes such as Drouin.2) Microfilm copies of parish registers, both Catholic and Protestant.3) Nominal Census returns for the Province (1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891,1901 and 1911) as well as some earlier returns.4) Quebec land grants and land petitions.5) Quebec land records.6) Notarial records.7) Easy access to Quebec National Archives (ANQ) in Sherbrooke and Montreal (which now has the "Salle Gagnon" collection), the Quebec National Library (BNQ) and the Notman Photographic archives in Montreal. As I live in the Eastern Townships region of Quebec, I am ideally situated to conduct research in this area.
Services Offered: Location of marriages in the province, photocopying of original records, construction of lineages and family groups using baptismal marriage, burial and census records, etc. With every search, I will write a report on the findings, complete with references to original documents.

Professional Family History Research in Somerset and Devon

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Expert Professional Family History Research in Somerset and Devon
I have over 25 years of experience in genealogical research in Somerset and Devon. I have lectured in the U.K. and U.S.A. as well as regularly running classes at local colleges.I give a friendly high-quality, professional service that will cover all of your Genealogical needs.
I am a fully professional researcher that specialises in Somerset , Dorset and Devon . I do not research to supplement another income or as a hobby. This being the case I rely on my clients to come back for further research and to recommend me to others. Over time I have carried out research projects for hundreds of people, ranging from finding just a single entry to full family histories. I am pleased to say that many of my clients have become friends and, over the years, built up a core of regular clients who come back time after time. I always give a conscientious service to all my clients whether they employ me for an hour or a month and like to think that I give as good a service as is available. If at anytime you wish to telephone me, I am always happy to discuss your research or any problem that you might have. As well as individuals I have also carried out research for the legal profession, writers, radio stations and various television companies, including the B.B.C.

Hamburg-based professional genealogical and emigration research service in Germany

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Hamburg-based professional genealogical and emigration research service in Germany
Your ancestors emigrated from Germany?
You are looking for already known or still unknown German ancestors, your first forebears or living relatives?
You were adopted and would like to learn more about your German blood parents?
You are looking for a special, unique and most of all lasting present for an upcoming wedding or a special birthday?
You would like to document the history of your company and its German founders?
Beyond History offers customized professional genealogical research throughout Germany. We research in original civil, church and other historical records in local archives. Beyond History also has a special focus on emigration research in the Hamburg passenger departure lists during the years 1850 – 1934. We are fluent in German and English and assist in transcribing and translating historic documents.

Family and local history research service for the county of Buckinghamshire England and beyond

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Family and local history research service for the county of Buckinghamshire England and beyond
I offer a family and local history research service for the county of Buckinghamshire and beyond.
If you have ancestry in Buckinghamshire I can help you discover your family heritage in this historic county. Heritage can encompass all evidence left behind from the past: not just the physical evidence of the past, landscape, monuments and houses, but documentary and oral evidence that reveals people’s memories, their experiences and how they fitted in to the social context of their culture and community. History, both family and local, is confined by what has been left behind but nevertheless much can still be discovered, if the evidence is available, about the most ordinary of lives.
The Internet is a wonderful medium for family history research but it is no substitute for examining original documents. Errors in transcribed indexes on Internet sites can often throw you off trail in your family history research. If your search has gone cold somewhere in Buckinghamshire you may not be able to travel to the county to investigate further. This is where a local research service can be of great help. No research task is too small.
I have been interested in history since childhood: inspired by the most amazing history teacher at senior school. I first became interested in family history when my father in law asked me to trace his mother’s family. Due to tragic circumstances he had lost touch with his mother as an infant. Encouraged by my success at finding his extended maternal family I began researching my own family history, and later, for clients who have ancestry in my home county of Buckinghamshire. I have twelve years experience in genealogical research and have also completed several house histories.
My knowledge of Buckinghamshire is not just confined to the records available in the Centre for Bucks Studies and the several local studies departments in the county. The word of mouth knowledge and contacts, that have accumulated in the many years I have lived in the Great Missenden and Chilterns area have, on occasions, been invaluable additions to my research.

Records of the United States and England

More at http://expertgenealogy.com/?x=clstott
Access to the World-Famous Family History Library in Salt Lake City
Extensive background in the Records of the United States and England. He has immediate access to world-famous Family History Library in Salt Lake City, and is thoroughly familiar with its collections.