Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ontario and Quebec Canadian Family History Research

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Ontario and Quebec Canadian Family History Research
I am a graduate of the National Institute of Genealogical Studies and have Professional Learning Certificates in Genealogical Studies for both Canadian and American Records. Specializing in Ontario and Quebec research, I have easy access to the Archives of Ontario, Toronto Reference Library and the Canadiana Department of the North York Public Library. With more than twenty-five years experience, I am an expert in the research of Ontario's birth, marriage and death records, census records (1842-1911), newspapers, church, military, probate, and land records, including land petitions and other documents relating to the Loyalists. Few records relating to Canadian immigration survive prior to 1865; however, after that date, detailed ships' passenger lists are available, and these serve as Canada's records of immigration until 1935.
I also have access to Ontario French Catholic parish registers.
Research in both English and French speaking Quebec is another area of expertise. A descendant of Quebec Loyalists myself, I have a great deal of experience locating documents relating to the Loyalists of the Eastern Townships of Quebec, including English parish registers where available. I also have access to French Catholic parish registers throughout the province. These registers are the primary source for Quebec births, marriages and deaths, as civil registration did not begin in that province until very recently. Census records, which predate those available in Ontario, are another source of valuable information.

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