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Genealogical Research & Consulting for Philadelphia Families, Businesses,& Institutions

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Historical & Genealogical Research & Consulting for Philadelphia Families, Businesses,& Institutions
I offer genealogical and historical research in Philadelphia area repositories and search records on individuals, families, businesses, institutions, and organizations. I prepare genealogical and biographical sketches of your family members, company officers, institutional directors, or organizational officials. I also consult with you on your genealogical research for your Philadelphia ancestors and make myself available to photograph their tombstones, houses, or other structures where they might have lived, worked, or worshiped. I specialize in studies that combine Kensington and Fishtown history and genealogy in order to place those families, businesses, institutions, and organizations, within a local historical context, bringing them to life more fully then a generalist genealogist, or historian, can possibly do. Although, my specialty is in these Philadelphia neighborhoods, I am also quite capable of providing these same services for subjects in the whole of the Philadelphia Metropolitan area. For examples of my work contact me and I will send a narrative of a family history, biography, or business history, that I published, or was contracted for.
I have an in-depth understanding of Philadelphia’s communities through many years of research and I am able to provide the historical context for your history that will make your unique story come alive. If you would rather write your own family, business, or institutional history, I could still be of value to you by placing your family, business, institution, or organization in context with an introductory historical chapter on Fishtown, or Kensington history. I can also fill in the already written reports that you have researched to enlarge and complete them. I am also available for consulting on those “brick walls” that you may have encountered along the way and if your project falls into my specialty area, it would be quite possible that I could break them down.
If you need general historical research work that might be useful for archaeology, building, engineering, environment studies, the insurance business, urban planning, law, or real estate, I would be especially helpful with these historical neighborhoods of Fishtown and Kensington. I could also help those oral and cultural historians and other academic historians, who do not often venture north of Vine street and who might be interested in publishing work on these communities.
My services are also offered to local and citywide non-profit agencies as well, that might be interested in the modern urban studies of Fishtown and Kensington in order to plan for their programming, or provide historical perspectives for grant writers when seeking funding.

England Family History researchers for your Kentish ancestry

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England Family History researchers for your Kentish ancestry
We are based in Kent, so if you have Kent ancestry we are able to research the Kent Archives and libraries for you. We can also research the England and Wales Birth, Marriage and Death registers from 1837 and the 1841-1901 censuses for those whose later ancestry extends outside of Kent.We welcome enquiries for anything from a simple one off search to more detailed investigations. Location photography and photo restoration can also be undertaken.

Access to original sources in all parts of UK and Ireland

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Old-established, reputable firm with Access to original sources in all parts of UK and Ireland
Each case is supervised by one of our team of experienced professionals, and we maintain the highest standards of proof to make sure that your family has been traced accurately.
In recent years, genealogy has been energised by the release of many records online, and a number of new organisations have sprung up offering to search these readily available resources.
The online sources still represent only a fraction of the material available to the experienced genealogist. Local archives hold a wealth of original records, most of which require specific expertise to interpret.
We have access to the full range of records in the UK and Ireland, from medieval times to the present, and we also undertake research in the countries to which ancestors emigrated: North America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
We offer a choice of fixed-budget research programmes, at the end of which we provide:
·a bound report setting out and analysing the results of research in full detail·a detailed pedigree chart in calligraphic font·copies of documents·a full list of sources·advice on further research if appropriate and required
A free assessment service is available

Professional Family History Service in London, England

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Professional Family History Service in London, England and Surrounding Counties
The Trenchard Partnership is based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, UK offering research in a wide range of areas including:
•Providing advice if you are stuck in your family history research•Looking at specific records which you are unable to visit yourself•Researching your ancestors showing where they were and how they lived•Providing guidance to assist your own research•Obtaining Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates from England and Wales
We cover all of the record repositories in London, UK including:
The National ArchivesSociety of GenealogistsBritish LibraryLondon Metropolitan ArchivesWestminster City ArchivesLambeth Palace LibraryGuildhall LibraryPrincipal Probate Registry

Specialize in scattered families especially in North Carolina, US, UK & Finland

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Specialize in scattered families especially in North Carolina, US, UK & Finland - No project is too small
We are a US-based, internet-savvy, genealogy & family research firm with almost 20 years of experience. We have primarily done research in North Carolina, US, UK, Finland and emigration records -- we have also researched French-Canadian, French, Galician/Polish, Russian and Ukrainian records! So, if you live in the US and would like to research your family both here and in the countries they emigrated from -- we are the researchers for you.
We have ready access to most North Carolina records (we are based in the state capital, home of the state archives and library and have researched early 1700s to mid 1900s records and performed African-American and slavery research), US & UK censuses, passenger records, Finnish Parish records, and many other resources! If your project requires a type of record access we don't have, we'll either partner up with another researcher or subscribe to a service.
No project is too small for us! We are best with projects that either have a NC focus or those that cut across county, state and national lines ... the smorgasbord families. For very specific, single geography research outside of NC, another research firm might be your best choice!
Otherwise, if your family hailed from NC or was fairly mobile (within the US, the UK or around Europe) ... we are excellent at researching around the globe! We have many resources at our fingertips and are great at ferreting out hard-to-find information.
Recently ... we did research into the records of Bertie, Wake, Johnston, Beaufort and more Counties in NC, Bohemians in Chicago (Cook County) and various other Illinois counties, Pennsylvania (several counties), passenger emigration records & citizenship records, Alsace France, Belarus (Minsk area), Glamorgan & Monmouth Wales, England (several counties including Lancashire, Gloucester, Somerset, Nottinghamshire), Kalisz Poland, Finland (Ostrobothnia and nearby areas) and more ... we made use of census records, passenger records, church & cemetery records, military records, newspaper articles, archives near and far, newsgroups and anything we can think of and get our hands on!

Genealogy research service in Australia and the United Kingdom

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Complete and affordable Genealogy research service in Australia and the United Kingdom
Do you want to learn more about your origins? Do you have an ancestor that fought in the war? Are you looking for relatives? I have been researching family histories for nearly 20 years. I have helped hundreds of people in these years with their family history and have treated each one as if it were my own. I research every available avenue and treat each case with the personal touch it deserves. I have access to a vast range of records which I have listed below, and exclusive access to records not available to the public as yet. My fees are very reasonable I believe for the time and effort I put into each family history. I am always happy to offer free advice wherever I can for those who wish to do the research by themselves. I am happy to research any request whether it be a full family history or a search on a single individual. I aim to inform the enquirer throughout the process of what steps I am taking and will never order any certificates etc without consent first. I look forward to hearing from you.
I specialise mainly in histories of Australian and British families. If however within my research I discover a family member in another country than I am happy to supply any available records as I have contacts all over the world. I also specialise in the military records of Australian Service personnel starting with the Boer War.
The following is an idea of the records I will search. The aim in searching all these records is to not only expand your family tree but to get a good idea of what your ancestors lives were like, how they lived etc.Births Deaths & Marriages – Civil RegistrationCivil registration of Births Deaths and marriages was first introduced in England and Wales in 1837 and in Australia it was 1838. A great deal of information can be gained from these certificates and the information provided varies from country to country. This source is the foundation for family history research which can then be expanded through other records.
Census RecordsThe first National censuses were taken in England, Wales and Scotland in 1801. To begin with these census returns were only for statistical purposes. After 1841 further information about the persons age, birthplace, occupation and the family relationships was added. Unfortunately there are no national censuses for Australia at this time.
Parish RegistersPrior to civil registration parish registers that record baptisms, marriages and burials are the prime source of information. The earliest English parish registers date from 1538. I can access both English and Australian parish registers.
Military RecordsI am able to research Australian service personnel from the Boer War onwards, however I specialise in World War One and World War Two servicemen. I am able to provide unit histories, war diaries, service records etc. In most cases I can tell you what battle a serviceman died in and provide information on this battle. I am also able to provide in nearly all cases their burial location and provide a photograph of their final resting place. I also have exclusive access to the grave registration cards for World War Two servicemen. These cards are not readily available to the public and contain vital information such as cause of death, original burial location etc.
NewspapersI have access to hundreds of newspapers and have found these to be extremely beneficial. In many cases obituaries can be found in the older newspapers and quite often photographs and articles on marriages etc in later editions of the newspapers. I thoroughly search any relevant newspaper as I know from experience anything could be found.
Shipping and immigrationImmigration records are an important source of information. Within these records, passenger lists identify who within the family made the journey and from which country and in the case of the United Kingdom, which county they originated from. Approximately 1.5 million free migrants moved to Australia before 1900, with the majority coming from England. After 1945 approximately 6.5 million migrants from countries all over Europe made Australian their home. Quite often families returned home and this can also be traced.
Criminal Records - ConvictsBetween 1788 and 1868 around 162,000 convicts were sent to Australia from the United Kingdom. Through records in Australia and the United Kingdom, information of their original crime, sentence and passage can be found. Often the records of the crime and the trial can provide far more personal information about the individual than can be found in many other sources.WillsElectoral Rolls
PhotographsPhotographs are of course an invaluable asset to any family history. Where possible I will try and locate any photographs that relate to the family such as houses where they resided, schools, churches and burial locations. In the case of Australian servicemen I will also search for a photograph of the individual. If there is any particular photograph that you would like, than I will do my best to take it for you.
RelativesIf you are interested in tracing any relatives in Australia than I can help with that as well. I have had a high success rate in this and have been able to re-unite a considerable amount of families.
Documents that will be included (if available):Photocopies of Baptisms, Marriages and Death entries from original Parish RegistersBirth, marriage and death certificatesPhotocopies of Census returns showing past family membersPhotographs – where possiblePhotocopies of Australian personnel service records, battalion histories and war diaries.Photocopies of Newspaper articles

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Genealogical Research in Scotland

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Genealogical Research in Scotland
A professional Research Service, by an experienced genealogist, using the resources of New Register House, National Archives of Scotland and local archives throughout Scotland, Legal and Probate searches undertaken.Research carried out in all parts of Scotland. Moray, Banff and Nairn a specialty.
Statutory Registrations of Birth, Marriage and Death.Censuses and Valuation RollsOld Parish RegistersKirk Session and Presbytery RecordsInheritance RecordsNewspaper ExtractsMonumental InscriptionsLocal Historical SearchesSocial History Studies of Specific Areas or Buildings
Professionally prepared reports, by post, or if you prefer, by e-mail. Postal reports will include a Descendant Chart.
Copies of Statutory Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates, as well as Census pages are available on request, at cost price.
All my research is carried out in New Register House and the National Archives of Scotland, although I do visit other record offices as required.
I am happy to undertake living relative searches, ad all cases, especially the more sensitive, will be treated professionally and with absolute confidentiality.
Although now based in Fife, my research covers the whole of Scotland. I do however, have a particular interest in Moray, Banff, and Nairn, having lived in the north-east for many years.

Southern Italy genealogy researcher

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Southern Italy genealogy researcher, American born and educated, lives in Italy
Southern Italy genealogy researcher, American born and educated, lives in Italy since 1982. Accomplished genealogist providing onsite research at local town halls, churches, regional archives, etc. Besides obtaining documents and preparing family trees, also provides English translation of records and photographs of ancestral villages. Also experienced in identifying present day relatives and helping clients make initial contact with them. Specialized in research centred in Campania region but also undertakes projects in other areas of Italy including Calabria, Puglia, Molise and Basilicata.

Professional genealogist - Tourist Guide - Slovakia

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Professional genealogist - Tourist Guide - Slovakia
Genealogy - Tourist Guide - SlovakiaI am a Professional genealogist.
Services- searching at the state archives and- tour guide for my US clients.

Genealogy/Family History research for Kent England

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Genealogy/Family History research for Kent England
An experienced, diligent researcher will access Maidstone, Canterbury and all Kent archives. Roots in Kent also offers professional photography, photographic restoration and holiday planning including B and B and archive bookings.
Holidays in Kent
If you are planning a family history holiday in Kent, I can help arrange bed and breakfast accommodation in a selection of lovely locations, all within easy reach of the Centre of Kentish Studies in Maidstone.
I will also arrange time for you in the archives, and if you wish, I will accompany you on your visit to help you make the best use of your time. I have arranged several tours around clients' ancestral villages and always try to find places of interest that are relevant to their individual searches.
If you need transport I can put you in contact with car hire firms, or local taxi services, (our bus service is a little eccentric in some rural areas!)
Local photography digital images provided via email

Tennessee-based genealogy research service

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Tennessee-based genealogy research service
Tennessee-based genealogy research service created to assist individuals and organizations with genealogical and historical objectives.
Hit a brick wall in your own family tree research? Do you need to substantiate your lineage for membership in a society? Do you need photographs of your ancestor's tombstone? Contact us to get started today, your ancestral trail awaits!
* Record Retrieval to include: Vital records (birth, death, marriages), U.S. Census records, Probate records (wills, estates, etc.), Court records, Church Records, etc.
* Genealogical Research to include: documentation of a lineage as agreed upon which will consist of (at a minimum) a pedigree chart, documented family group sheet, copies of all documents used, and a detailed report indicating all resources used in the genealogical research project.
* Photography to include: tombstones, historic landmarks, or other agreed upon buildings.
* Lectures to include: presenting genealogical topics to small groups or at conferences

New Zealand & Australian Heir Searcher, Genealogist

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New Zealand & Australian Heir Searcher, Genealogist & Private Investigator
Established to assist the legal profession, we assist solicitors worldwide in the tracing of missing heirs and living beneficiaries of deceased estates as well as reuniting families and friends of missing loved ones.
We also undertake historical genealogical research as many Australian and New Zealand families date from 1788.
Research can be undertaken in our specialized databases, local and international archives to your own specifications and requirements.

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Probate genealogical Company for Europe & America

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Probate genealogical Company for Europe & America
VS Probate Assistance & World Search Co. is a probate genealogical company. Our mission is to provide you, our valued clients, with the high level of expertise in professional genealogical research.We trace missing beneficiaries and unknown heirs in the U.S. and Canada and locate families in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Israel, Germany and other Western European countries with a high success ratio.
The owner and Director of the company is a Forensic Genealogist with 10 years of experience in genealogical research and a specialist in family history research in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania. An extensive knowledge in history, law, culture and languages of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus enables her to easily search for missing people in these countries and to collect records to substantiate the findings without ever leaving the office.
The company offers its clients a range of services, such as:• Locate heirs• Trace missing beneficiaries and unknown heirs• Provide record search services in the U.S. and Canada.• Prepare Affidavits of Due Diligence for court purposes• Analyze foreign documents for their authenticity• Testify in court as a genealogy expert• Compile genealogical charts

Bedfordshire Family History and Historical Research

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Bedfordshire Family History and Historical Research
Specialist in Bedfordshire Family History and other Historical Research including Manorial Histories and Histories of Houses but will also undertake research in the neighbouring counties of Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire.I also offer a transcription service for old Wills and other documents.
Full record transcription or calendar service for those difficult to read documents.
RESEARCHI specialise in Bedfordshire research visiting the Bedfordshire & Luton archives and records service and Bedfordshire reference libraries on a regular basis.
RECORDSThe sources searched are tailored to meet the individual needs of each client.
These include:* Civil registration of Births, Marriages and Deaths from 1837* Census returns from 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891 and 1901* Parish registers and records from 1538* Probate records - wills, administrations and inventories* Manorial records* Property records - estate, enclosure, tithe, deeds, leases* Taxation records

England Research for Warwickshire, Birmingham

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England Research for Warwickshire, Birmingham, Worcestershire, Staffordshire, Kent
A Professional Genealogical Research ServiceResearch for Warwickshire, Birmingham, Worcestershire, Staffordshire, Kent,North of England, Lanarkshire (Scotland)Free consultations & a service clients return to again & again.Professional researchers for over 30 year with local access to the recordsyou won't find on the internet.
We are a PROFESSIONAL research service. Founded in 1983, we have been successfully helping clients from all over the world since then.We provide a Full Gt Britain research service, but specialise in the counties of Warwickshire (including Birmingham), Worcestershire, Staffordshire, Kent, Lanarkshire (Scotland) & the North of England.

UK Professional Genealogists
We are UK Professional Genealogists offering a friendly service to help you find your ancestors and discover more about your family history
With over 10 years experience as genealogists, we know that researching your ancestry is fun but it is also hard work and very time consuming. Not everyone has the spare time to research their family history , however they would still like to know where they came from and find out more about their ancestors.
We also provide family tree charts, family history books , family photo books and DNA testing to help you identify your ancestors.
Specialist areas are Suffolk, Kent, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Essex, Devon, Cornwall, Wales and Ireland, anywhere in the UK.Most anywhere in the world especially Europe.Other specialist areas we cover are:-ImmigrationAmerican Civil WarMilitary Records18th Century BritainWW1 and WW2 HistoryAmerican and Dutch AncestorsParish RecordsAmerican HistoryCoast Guard RecordsMerchant Seaman RecordsOld Company records


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Professional Australian researcher

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Professional Australian researcher specialising in New South Wales genealogy
I am a professional researcher based in Sydney, Australia, with many years of experience in New South Wales research with full access to the major repositories such as State Records NSW and the NSW Department of Lands. My knowledge and experience in locating and accessing records is a major advantage in the systematic and efficient research that I provide.
I undertake all types of research, from the search and retrieval of specific documents such as immigration passenger lists, convict records and probate files to compilations of substantial family trees and histories. I can help you trace a line of your family tree back to your convict or immigrant ancestor, build the whole tree for you, or help you when you are stuck.
I believe that a knowledge of your family's past is essential to an understanding of who you are. Most Australian families have originally come from somewhere else, and this history has shaped what they did and why. Secrets about family origins, such as convict ancestors, or assisted immigrants from dubious locations, can and should be uncovered.

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On-Site Research in Italy, Find Long-Lost Family

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On-Site Research in Italy, Find Long-Lost Family, Custom Heritage Tours and Dual Italian Citizenship
America’s most trusted provider of Italian heritage products and services since 2006. Whether you want to discover your story with in-depth Family Tree research, find relatives living in Italy with our popular Family Finder service, walk in your ancestor’s footsteps on a custom designed Heritage Tour or obtain Dual Italian-American Citizenship, our experienced staff can make it happen.

USA Professional Family History Researcher

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If your ancestors are there, we can find them!
USA Professional Family History Researcher, 1983 - presentCertified Lineage Specialist, 1986-2006Certified Genealogist, 2006-presentWe help clients identify and locate missing ancestors/relatives and solve family history problems. We have literally kicked down hundreds of brick walls. Our specialties include New England and Mid-Atlantic and the SouthernStates, European reseach, adoptions and estate heir research, military search services, passenger lists, elusive men and women and 20 Year Brick Walls.

Research covering UK & Ireland. All archives accessed

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Research covering UK & Ireland. All archives accessed. Easy access to those in London and Eastern England
Our professional genealogy service covers the whole of the UK and Ireland. We have wide-ranging experience of research at the national and front-rank repositories of London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberystwyth, Belfast and Dublin, and are always willing to travel to local record offices, libraries etc, should it be helpful to do so. In particular, we have easy access to, and special working knowledge of, the archives of London and the record offices of Eastern England – Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire – our base area.
Our UK & Ireland research falls into two categories:
FAMILY TREE RESEARCHThis is detailed family research that uncovers the lives of your ancestors, generation by generation. Branches of your family tree are systematically retraced and brought to life.
CUSTOMISED RESEARCHThis is research tailored to meet your special requirements.
Some possibilities:• Micro-research – in-depth research into the life of a particular family or family member (rather than covering, say, three or four generations).• Eastern Counties research – research taking advantage of our practised knowledge of the nearby Record Offices of Eastern England. (Useful if this is where your family took root.)• London archive research – specialist research at The National Archives that would benefit from our charge-free travel. (Useful for extensive work on service records, criminal records, land and property ownership and occupancy, for instance.)• Support research – research for the enthusiast who is exploring his own family history but who needs some professional assistance to overcome problems and to push things on a little, time permitting.• Location photography and research – research culminating in the photographing of places of special importance to earlier generations and which are still standing (houses, schools, headstones, etc).
Extended research is also offered.

Genealogical research services in Australia, New Zealand and the UK

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Genealogical research services in Australia, New Zealand and the UK
full time professional genealogist since 1992. He was the Registrar of The Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies for 13 years before he emigrated to Sydney, Australia. He runs his own research business, specialises in tracing the British and European origins of families in Australia and New Zealand. He also lectures on a wide variety of genealogical topics.

English Family Origins of York...leading UK research professionals

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English Family Origins of York...leading UK research professionals
Leading UK genealogical research professionals ready to guide you on the journey to meet your ancestors!
English Family Origins...born out of a 30 year passion for conducting quality genealogical research. The collective knowledge and expertise of all the individuals who collaborate to provide our clients with the results of painstaking research is vast.
There is a desire for ordinary individuals to learn about their ancestry and people from all walks of life have come to realise that taking pride in their family history is no longer the preserve of the nobility.
Many years of experience by our research professionals together with localised access to a countrywide network of national, county and local archival repositories is at our disposal to assist us in revealing your family history.
Our professional approach to researching your family history requires us to make full use of all available genealogical resources and techniques both old and new and in this regard English Family Origins offers first class expertise and experience in the field of genealogical research.
At English Family Origins we provide a high-quality, professional research service for anyone with English ancestry. A choice of research projects is available, each of which will provide you with an authoritative and meticulously presented account of your English family history.

Research is conducted at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah

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Research is conducted at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah
She is dedicated to keeping up-to-date on the latest research techniques, including the internet. In addition, Diane has assisted patrons with their genealogical research in a Family History Center for over ten years. She has 25 years experience in the research of 18th, 19th, and 20th century US records, Civil War records, colonial records, government and land records, census records, LDS records, vital records (birth, marriage, death records), probate records, and Scottish/English research (including parish records, civil registration, and census records).
on-site research in the state of Utah (including cemetery photography) as well as research at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, the largest genealogical library in the world.

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USA professional family history research services

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Have you hit a BRICK WALL in your research? USA professional family history research services. We have over 28 years of experience in the field, and conduct our research at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. We perform research using American, Canadian, German, French, and Scandinavian language sources. Research specialties include African American and Native American lineages.
We will efficiently gather the information you have available and will analyze your particular research objectives to formulate an effective research strategy before any work will begin.
You are in good hands when you contract our services as we pay special attention to deliver the most value for every dollar you commit to your particular project. We are very intimate with record sources that exist and where they are found that have the highest probability of helping to solve your research request. When records for a particular town no longer exist, we will recommend creative strategies to construct family group information by consulting records for towns closest to where your ancestors lived. We have been able to solve numerous cases that had previously been considered to be "Brick Wall" problems!

Quebec Canada Professional Research

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Quebec Canada Professional Research Province of Quebec. Regardless of country of origin, language or religion.
QUEBEC is one of the oldest European settlements in North America and has extraordinary historical, judicial, religious and civil archives which cover more than 350 years of history. We have an extensive knowledge of these archives, and our own databanks of thousands of individuals residing in Quebec. Regardless of your ancestors country of origin, language or religion we will help you find them.
genealogy consultant who has done extensive research for numerous European, Canadian and American families, heir search and probate research firms, attorneys, notaries and American and Canadian Public Trustees.

Professional Australia Genealogy Research

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Professional Australia Genealogy Research
Australia: All records in all States, early pioneers to modern day missing relatives
With over twenty years experience as genealogists, researching family trees and ancestry using various Australian records in all States.We offer a FREE evaluation of your genealogy project, based on estimated research time and certificate costs.

New England genealogical research

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45 years experience in New England genealogical research
I have had 45 years experience in genealogical research in the New England area. My speciality is New England research and French Canadian. I am very well qualifies to do research in online genealogical research, US Federal census, birth, marraige, death records, probate records, will, deeds, immigration and ports of entry like Ellis Island, Social Security Death Index, Obituaries, cemetery records, City Directories, military records and LDS Family History Center and research at the French Canadian Library here in Manchester, New Hampshire.

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Heritage Detectives! Your place for research in Central Illinois

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Heritage Detectives! Your place for research in Central Illinois
I am an accomplished genealogist with more than 11 years of research experience. I do volunteer work at our local Historical and Genealogy Societies. I specialize in researching in McLean County and the surrounding counties in IL.
I specialize in McLean County and the surrounding area and do most research via the computer. However, field trips to nearby libraries, courthouses and cemeteries are available.
Areas of research include marriage and death records, cemetery inscriptions, census records 1790-1930, local history, land records, newspapers, obituaries, pension applications, probate records, and tombstone photography.
Will provide research reports, family group sheets, pedigree charts, ancestral or descendant genealogy reports
Library Research Services:Newspaper Research: obits / funeral notices, marriages, news events, court announcements, etc.City Directories, Phone Directories.Yearbooks - ISU, IWU, Bloomington High School, Normal Community, University High SchoolOther special manuscript collections for McLean County.Church and cemetery records, published and unpublished.MapsPrimary Archives:Illinois Reginonal Archives Depositary (IRAD) - Federal records: censuses, naturalizations, military records, ship passenger lists, etc.County Courthouses and Clerks and Town Clerks - Probate files, naturalizations, court records, marriage records, state censuses, business records, property records, etc.Computer Services:Internet searches and postingsSubscription database searchesIGI and Ancestral File searches (LDS)Social Security Death Index searchesPERSI and manuscript searchesField Research:Cemetery searches & photography (digital), office inquiries, interment lists, etc. (Spring and Fall only)Neighborhood surveys & photography of residences. (Spring and Fall only)Local Historical Societies and Libraries in IL, McLean, Peoria, Tazewell, Livingston, Woodford, Logan and Ford Cos.

Genealogy Research in Sweden

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Genealogy Research in Sweden
PROFESSIONAL GENEALOGIST will help you trace your SWEDISH ancestors and descendants
RESEARCH not only in your PAST, but also in your FUTURE!SPECIALTY: Finding your now living relatives in SWEDEN, and arrange for a FAMILY-REUNION!
I make your TRAVEL-PLANS to Sweden, arrange your family-reunion and guide you in your ancestors footsteps!
TRANSLATION of Swedish text.

Heart of England Ancestry & Family History Research Services

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Research for Warwickshire, Birmingham, Leicestershire, Rutland & Northamptonshire
Heart of England Ancestry & Family History Research Services
Experienced Family History Researcher and Genealogist for the counties of Warwickshire, (including Birmingham), Leicestershire, Rutland & Northamptonshire. Other areas considered.
ServicesBeing situated in the Heart of England I have access to record office resources in several counties i.e. Civil Registration Indexes, Census, Parish Registers and Old Maps.
● I hold a number of data based Census Returns and Parish Register Transcripts.● I have available Leicester and Leicestershire marriage indexes 1754-1837, also Rutland marriage index 1538-1783 and county burial index.I also hold Northampton Baptism, Burial and marriage indexes.
● Your Family Research Package supplied in a presentation file could consist of● Photocopies of Baptisms, Marriages, and Death Entries from original Parish Registers.● Photocopies of Census returns showing past family members.● Wills when available.● Photographs where possible of locations, churches etc.● Copies of old maps of the geological areas searched.● Brief Historical information on the areas where your families lived.● Family group sheets with ages, siblings, occupations etc.● Ancestral Tree sheets.● Birth, Marriage and Death Certificate Service.

Ohio Family Research-Genealogical Research Services

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Ohio Family Research-Genealogical Research Services Specializing in Ohio
My name is Yolanda Campbell Lifter and I thank you for your interest in my research services. As an Ohioan by birth (Springfield, Clark County), I enjoy helping others search for their Ohio roots. Although Ohio is my specialty, I also perform research throughout the United States.
My personal research began a number of years ago with my paternal lines, many which have been in Ohio since the early 1800's. My direct lines resided in Brown, Clark, Clermont, Clinton, Gallia, Guernsey, Hamilton, Highland, Jackson, Meigs, Pike, Ross, and Warren Counties.
My collateral lines were in the aforementioned counties as well as Adams, Fayette, Greene, Logan, Marion, Montgomery, Morgan, Noble, Richland, Scioto, Shelby, and possibly others yet to be discovered.

Genealogist researching at the Family History Library, Salt Lake City

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Accredited Genealogist researching at the Family History Library, Salt Lake City
Heritage Consulting is a professional family history research organization experienced in helping you learn more about your family's heritage
Professional Family History Research
Don't have access to the necessary sources? Frustrated by 'hitting brick walls' in your research? Don't have the time or desire to do your own research? WE CAN HELP!
Our professional researchers have extensive experience in locations and languages worldwide, and can often find answers that are frequently hidden from the casual observer.
Family History Consulting
When you spend time and money visiting Salt Lake City to do your own family history research, we have professional consultants available at a modest hourly rate to help you find information sources, translate foreign language documents, and make your precious research time much more rewarding. Don't just spin your wheels!

Comprehensive genealogy service for the UK, Ireland, Australia and Canada

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Comprehensive genealogy service for the UK, Ireland, Australia and Canada
We are a well established company of full time research professionals with many years experience - some in specialist fields such as military ancestry, criminal ancestors etc. We offer a comprehensive service from a single copy or certificate through to a complete family history. We also have an adoptions and a missing persons department specialising in such matters. We work with private and professional clients throughout the World. We also have associate offices in Holland and USA. Location photography and property histories also undertake. Advice on genealogy holidays to the UK.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Family tree research in the USA, UK, Ireland, Europe, Latin America

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Family tree research in the USA, UK, Ireland, Europe, Latin America & many other areas worldwide
Are you just not sure where to begin your family tree search? Hit a brick wall and don't know how to proceed with the next step in the search for you ancestors?
Our genealogists have a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in family tree research, and we are happy to assist you with your search for your ancestors and with many of the longstanding questions you may have about your ancestry and heritage. Let us answer any questions you might have before deciding to begin a family tree research project. You can visit our testimonials page and hear firsthand what our many satisfied clients are saying about our ancestry search services.
Following is a list of countries where our team can carry out research on your behalf:
Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Scotland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA, Wales

genealogy / history researchers for Latvia

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genealogy / history researchers for Latvia
We are based in Riga, Latvia

Professional Researcher for the county of Dorset, England

More at
Professional Researcher for the county of Dorset, England. All enquiries considered.
Dorset Delving focuses on uncovering the wealth of information available about the history of Dorset and its people. I have had experience of researching many different enquiries and belong to a number of societies and organisations involved with history and research. I have a keen interest in all aspects relating to Dorset where I live and where I can access a range of records. I specialise in enquiries relating to the county of Dorset but will consider any research requests.

A free advisory service for amateur and professional genealogists

More at
A free advisory service for amateur and professional genealogists
British Ancestry has been established to help all researchers from unique resources, knowledge, experience and international contacts.
Since the 1930's, I have built up one of the finest collections of books on heraldry and genealogy to be found in the UK. Add to this hundreds of original manuscripts dating back to the thirteenth century that I have collected and the extensive catalogue of lectures, reports and papers that I have written and here is a resource to be made available to those needing assistance and advice based upon more than 60 years experience since initiating the academic pursuit of Family History.

USA ancestry tracing or heir searches

More at

An accredited genealogist for over 16 years, I can assist you with USA ancestry tracing or heir searches
I have been working as a genealogist for over 22 years and have been an accredited genealogist for over 16 years. While I specialize in the Eastern United States, I am proficient at researching the entire United States and have experience in England, Ireland, Canada, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Mexico, and Scotland. I conduct my research at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, the largest genealogical library in the world.
My specialty is solving your research problems. Initial research begins at the Family History Library, which has a wide array of records from around the world that can be used to trace your family, but I am also adept at internet searches and utilizing many other record sources. Your research package will include a report in letter format, a detailed list of all records searched and the results of the search, copies of all documents, and family group records and pedigree charts when desired. I can trace descendancy as records allow or perform specific searches at your request. Records at the library include Census, births, marriages, deaths, land records, probates, tax records, histories, military records, city directories, cemetery records, and church records. Consultation services are also available by request.

England Midlands Family history research

More at
England Midlands Family history research in Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire
Nottinghamshire Archives are just 10 minutes from my home, but I am also happy to undertake research throughout most of the East Midlands (Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire). Research can be tailored to suit the needs of individual clients. All requests will be considered.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Searches all Edinburgh Scotland sources, including many not available online

More at
Searches all Edinburgh Scotland sources, including many not available online
Over 20 years research experience. All Edinburgh sources covered.
Those sources not available online include● Recent Births, Marriages & Deaths● Non-conformist Births, Marriages & Deaths● Censuses which are not yet on FreeCEN● Wills● Property transfers● Professional records (apprenticeships etc)● Criminal records (Were they transported ? Want to know why ?)● Monumental inscriptions● City street directories● Electoral rolls● Church records (e.g. for paternity cases)● School and University records etc.
Willing to tackle problems such as common surnames (which is not economically feasible for those using pay-per-view sources) and living relatives (who cannot be found using online sources).
Try me for your brick walls - I have (occasionally) managed to trace ancestors who changed their names, found the parents of people who died before 1855, etc.

Professional Research in the Midwest for American, Canadian and British Isles ancestors

More at
Professional Research in the Midwest for American, Canadian and British Isles ancestors
Discover your roots with the help of a professional genealogist and build your family tree for generations to come. Hire a talented and experienced genealogist who has access to the largest database of public records in the world (U.S. Census 1790-1930, Canada Census 1851-1911, U.K. Census 1841-1911, Ireland Census 1901-1911, birth, marriage, death, immigration, naturalization public records and more). We can help you with documenting and recording your American, Canadian and British Isles ancestors in a professional report and customized family tree wall chart.
"on-site" individual genealogy record searches for birth, marriage, divorce, death and more public records in Michigan (Oakland County, State Library/Archives & Vital Records Office - Lansing, Burton Historical Collection - Detroit, and other Michigan Counties). We can also do some "limited on-site" public record searching in SW Ontario, NW Ohio and NE Indiana (Allen County Public Library - Fort Wayne which has "one of the largest genealogy collections in the world"). Your Ancestral Family specializes in providing their clients with a free consultation in tracing family histories.

Professional Genealogists at the Family History Library

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Professional Genealogists at the Family History Library
We have several expert full-time professional genealogists staffing our firm, and we work with over 700 genealogists in locations all over the world. Genealogists on our research team have over 120 years cumulative research experience and they are experts in their chosen specialties. Specialists are available in areas of immigration, heir research, American, Native American, Canadian, Irish, Scottish, Italian, English, Polish, German, Hungarian, Slovak research and much more. Many of our colleagues are credentialed, most are published authors, and all are ready and eager to help you.

Professional Genealogist African American Research and Native American Research

More at
Professional Genealogist African American Research and Native American Research
● I am a professional genealogist conducting research for over 30 years.● Research available in any state in the US with special focus on Michigan● Extensive knowledge of genealogical information repositories for all Midwest states including the worlds largest genealogical collection, the LDS Family History Library, also the third largest genealogical library for the Midwest, the Library of Michigan, which houses many excellent sources for Midwest family history. I also can conduct research in Michigan's State Archives, the Clarke Library, which contains a vast collection of Native American records for the Midwest. Can also conduct research in all local county courthouses.● References available upon request.● My specialty is obtaining the records, etc. to document several generations of your family history. Then presenting it to you in a format that you can share with your family and future generations.
● Will conduct research in all states in the United States, specializing in African American and Native American.
● Can help trace your African American ancestor to a plantation before Emancipation. Search all records pertaining to the plantation owner such as land records, settlement papers, day books, and all records that were created during slavery.
● Can help trace your Native American ancestry. Search all Indian census rolls, in all areas where Native Americans resided such as North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Oklahoma where Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw lived. Will search any state in the West and Midwest where tribes such as Chippewa, Ottawa, Pottawamie, and Sioux lived.
● Full genealogical research available, including travel and photography of your hometown, cemeteries, old homestead, etc.

Research Specialists at the Family History Library

More at
Research Specialists at the Family History Library with Worldwide Agent Network
Located one block from the Family History Library in downtown Salt Lake City, one of the largest genealogical firms in the world for more than 30 years. Whether you’re just getting started on a family history project, or you need help overcoming a difficult research problem – we have the expertise to assist you! Our team of qualified genealogical researchers have professional credentials and many hold advanced degrees in history and genealogy. In addition, our worldwide network of research agents can access records from archives around the globe. They are fluent in more than two dozen languages and bring the entire world of family history resources to your fingertips! Languages include:• Armenian• Bulgarian• Croatian• Czech• Danish• Dutch• English• Finnish• French• German• Greek• Hungarian• Icelandic• Italian• Latin• Latvian• Norwegian• Polish• Portuguese• Romanian• Russian• Slovak• Slovenian• Spanish• Swedish• Ukrainian

South England Genealogical and historical researcher

More at

South England Genealogical and historical researcher, and lecturer.

Locations for research

Dorset: most original records are held in the Dorset History Centre in Dorchester; this now houses the local studies collection as well as the Dorset archives collection. Only a small number of Dorset parish registers are available online; the total number of parishes in the county is over 270. Most of the wills proved within the county are also in the Dorset Record Office and currently the only index to these is on cards in the Dorset History Centre; some other wills are in the Diocesan Record Office in Wiltshire; those wills for Dorset people proved in the PCC are held in the PRO in London. Many other local records can only be accessed by visiting the Dorset History Centre. These include:overseers papers; estate papers; property deeds; court records. These include many newspaper archives, as well as collections of particular interest to the area.

Somerset: most original records for Somerset are held in the Somerset County Record Office in Taunton. There is a further collection of material in the Somerset Studies Library,which houses newspaper archives and other collections of particular interest in the area. PLEASE NOTE: Somerset Archives will be relocating to new premises this year. Research of original documents will only be possible until March; parish registers will be available until July; then there will be a complete closure until September.

Wiltshire: The new Wiltshire and History Centre, in Chippenham, is where most
of the original records are kept for the county of Wiltshire. It is also the Diocesan Record Office, so it is home to a large collection of original wills proved within the Salisbury Diocese.

Genealogy Vacations

If you are traveling to England on the trail of your ancestors you want to make the best possible use of time. I live and work in the south west so I can help you plan your trip to the area.

Together we can assess the evidence you have and decide what what records you need; then I can advise you where to find them, suggest ways to travel and places to stay.

If you wish you can hire me to accompany you. We can search the records together and visit the places your ancestors knew. You will have your own genealogist to help you read the old handwriting, and your own local historian to interpret the landscape.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Genealogical and Historical Research in New England

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Genealogical and Historical Research in New England
Services:• Genealogical and Historical research throughout New England• Complex problem investigation• Background research for authors• Research conforming to the Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS)• Records searched include: cemetery, census, church, court, deed,directories, manuscripts, military, newspapers, probate, tax,and vital records• Access to: New England Historic Genealogical Society, StateArchives, National Archives-Northeast Region, local FamilyHistory Center, Historical Societies, American AntiquarianSociety, and other New England repositories• Will provide: detailed research report with source citations,evidence analysis, conclusions, future research suggestions, andcopies of applicable records.

Australian and British family history research servicesvAustralian and British family history research services

More at
Australian and British family history research services
* Family History Research - Australia, UK, Sweden and Norway
We aim to provide timely and cost effective research using online resources. Our One Name Project will research one family surname for up to 4 generations of your British ancestors back to the early 1800s.
We access National Archive records through the major online data bases and have instant access to Birth, Marriage and Death information (1837-2005) and Census information (1841-1911). We find your ancestors’ addresses, occupations and places of birth and also identify other family members living together for each decade. We maintain paid subscriptions for these services.
To provide a good starting point, gather as much information as possible from your family and relations.
We keep you informed of progress and on completion provide a full written report, certificates, a descendant chart, copies of census returns and other relevant material along with suggestions for further research.
Purchase of certificates is usually necessary in order to discover unknown ancestors and to provide proof of family connection.
Please be aware that family history research is reliant on surviving records.

Devon England Origins: Genealogy Services

More at
Devon England Origins: Genealogy Services
I am a family historian based in South Devon. I have 25 years experience of genealogical research, having traced branches of my own family and those of colleagues and friends. I have researched families as far afield as India and South Africa. I have studied history and social sciences to degree level, and have been trained in research methods, so you may be assured that my findings will be backed up by rigorous checking of the evidence. My knowledge of local and national social, economic and political history enables me to set your ancestors’ lives in context and provide some flesh to the bones.
I am able to research your family using local and national records as well as Internet sources.
I am able to visit the following repositories in South West England:

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Professional Scottish family history research with links to global research when required

More at
Professional Scottish family history research with links to global research when required
Edinburgh based within easy reach of all of Scotland's repositories, and links to others within the UK.Your Family History and Genealogy carefully researched.To date (Sept 2009) he has built a world wide client base with research areas in all countries of the United Kingdom, Australia, USA, New Zealand.We provide you with a report/family tree which will include all details of sources used. In addition to the normal Birth, Marriage and Deaths (BMD), census returns and Old Parish Registers (OPR), reports are enhanced using information which will personalize your report in the form of maps, dwelling information, photographs extracts from local papers, giving you an insight into how your ancestors survived within the environment in which they lived.

European Regional Genealogical Services

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European Regional Genealogical Services
Finding relatives, family tree research, finding people / locate person, vital records - certificates, heir & probate research, court record checking, background checking and services based on your claim. Since 2005. Serbia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Archivist, palaeographer and historical researcher in the East Midlands of England

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Pre-census genealogy. Ancestral Biography. Mediaeval & Early Modern Latin translated.
Qualified & experienced Archivist, palaeographer and historical researcher in the East Midlands of England - Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Rutland. Specialist in tracing origins of early New England settlers in this region, which includes the homes of several Pilgrim Father Families around Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. New discoveries and corrections of published genealogies are still being made.
Training and consultancy in research skills (palaeography, diplomatic, latin, etc.). A lot more happened in your ancestors' lives than just baptism, marriage and burial. I can help you to tease out the other aspects of their experience, particularly if they lived in Pilgrim Father or "Tales of Gotham" Country.
A wealth of untapped evidence survives from Mediaeval and Early Modern England, including wills and inventories, manorial and bawdy court records, deeds and terriers; you would benefit from the help of a professional in deciphering and interpreting them. The results could be surprising; do you just want a genealogy or would you prefer ancestral biography?
Genealogical research service
Ancestrography specialises in pre-census genealogy and genealogical biography. There is a wealth of sources available in local archives of which only a small proportion is yet online. Research prior to 1841 (the first detailed census year) becomes progressively more difficult and expert advice or completion will often be of inestimable value; before 1733 many documents were in Latin and we can help you jump this hurdle too. Projects undertaken by Ancestrography in the East Midlands; advice given for projects throughout the UK.
Family trees and ancestral biographies compiled from all available sources including census, parish registers, wills and inventories, manorial records, poor law records, churchwardens' accounts and many more. Set in the context of demography, local and national history, and the sociological history of families, which is now an academic discipline in its own right.
Many thanks for this additional information. Previously they were just names and dates but having more background to them makes them much more real.
Latin and English documents transcribed, translated and fully interpreted, giving you extra insights into your ancestors' lives.
Thank you for dealing so quickly with my enquiry and for producing such an excellent first report. I am particularly pleased with the transcription of [the] will and your accompanying comments.
He has researched extensively in archives throughout Great Britain and has taught historical research methods for the universities of Birmingham, Keele, Leicester, and Oxford. He is developing an expertise in the History of the Family, teaching modules on Kinship and Marriage at the University of Nottingham during 2007-2008.
Archive consultancy service
Transcription, translation and interpretation of Latin and English documents
Thanks very much for the translation. I’m well pleased. You wouldn't believe how difficult it is to find someone who is willing and capable to take on this kind of work.
Training in Latin and palaeography (reading old handwriting)
Palaeographical analysis
Consultancy service for individuals, institutions and businesses about creating and caring for an archive
Planning your own documentary research projects, identifying key sources of information and their locations
House and landscape history
Do you want to discover the history of your home? You might meet some amazing characters from the past! The story of your house will give you great pleasure and be something to share with your family, friends and neighbours. I can help you to identify physical clues in the fabric of the building, carry out thorough documentary research, and produce a printed and illustrated report.
Projects undertaken in Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire; consultancy and training service for research in other parts of England.

Slovak professional genealogist - ancestry, family tree, relatives search, genealogy and heraldry

More at
Slovak professional genealogist - ancestry, family tree, relatives search, genealogy and heraldry
Utilize my experience which is supported by university education and an employment history. I am offering respectability, professionalism and responsible approach.
Genealogical research - reconstructing family history, creating family trees, photographic documentation of sites connected to one's ancestors (buildings, churches, gravestones, etc.), surname etymology.
Heraldry – consultations, designs of family (civil) coat of arms.
Ancestral tours - I cooperate with travel agency "Dovolenka" (Holiday) and we can arrange for you sightseeing tours with guide to all the places you would like to visit and all the other things you would need as accommodation, transport from the airport etc. Also we can find people in Slovakia who are relatives of your travelers, if they have lost a contact with them, or even never knew about them.
Digital photographs, scanned pictures, copies, translations from foreign languages.

Slovak professional genealogist - ancestry, family tree, relatives search, genealogy and heraldry

More at
Slovak professional genealogist - ancestry, family tree, relatives search, genealogy and heraldry
Utilize my experience which is supported by university education and an employment history. I am offering respectability, professionalism and responsible approach.
Genealogical research - reconstructing family history, creating family trees, photographic documentation of sites connected to one's ancestors (buildings, churches, gravestones, etc.), surname etymology.
Heraldry – consultations, designs of family (civil) coat of arms.
Ancestral tours - I cooperate with travel agency "Dovolenka" (Holiday) and we can arrange for you sightseeing tours with guide to all the places you would like to visit and all the other things you would need as accommodation, transport from the airport etc. Also we can find people in Slovakia who are relatives of your travelers, if they have lost a contact with them, or even never knew about them.
Digital photographs, scanned pictures, copies, translations from foreign languages.

Scottish genealogical research

More at
Researcher with over 25 years experience in Scottish genealogical research
I have worked in and travelled throughout Scotland for 50 years and, as a result, have a close and intimate knowledge of the local geography, history, place names and people of Scotland. This can be a most useful asset when building a broader picture of a family and its history.
I undertake research for all parts of Scotland into all aspects of Genealogy and family history. Some of these and some of the records to which I have ready access are listed on my services page.
I also undertake research in more obscure records to try to progress research which has, apparently, been halted by "lack of records". I am a specialist in solving difficult problems.
For further details of my services please contact me. I shall be delighted to hear from you.
I can research your ancestry/family history as far back as you wish to go or the records will allow. Typically, these would use, first, statutory and Old Parish Registers; census records, monumental inscriptions; Kirk Session records, property records etc.and develop into many other available records. The research can be basic or more detailed to reveal more of your ancestors lives, conditions, explanations of occupations etc.
Remember that not all members of a family left Scotland. Siblings of emigrants may have remained here and by finding their living descendants the present can be used to find the past. This can be most rewarding - in human terms and as a means of finding information about early generations - often not available in the records.
I specialise in solving particularly difficult research problems. I live and work in Edinburgh where all the Scottish records are held. I have ready access to the very wide range of records available here. I can use these to try to find ways around difficult problems. Sometimes, a problem can be overcome by moving from the main research line, taking a different route, and returning to the main line at a later stage.
Ancestry Family history Living relatives Sighting and copying of certificates etc. Army records Testaments (Wills). Property records. Judiciary records. Old newspapers (Obituaries, death notices & event reports.) Non conformist denomination records. Monumental inscriptions. Kirk Session records. Old maps. University, school and professional organisations

England genealogy service for Somerset and Bristol origins

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A friendly England genealogy service for Somerset and Bristol origins
Short and long term projects undertaken - One generation or manyOr just tying up those loose ends in your family treeFree consultation and advice - within reason!
Whether you're just starting out tracing your family history, or you're an experienced researcher with a problem that needs solving but can't get to the records yourself, then maybe I can help.
I have over 20 years' experience in Genealogical work, beginning with my own family history, then helping friends at home and overseas. Since January 1999 I have served over 240 clients from various parts of the world to further their family research. I am a professional scientist, and employ a careful and logical approach to my work - the only way with this kind of meticulous detective work.
I operate from a Somerset village near Bristol in the South West of England, with easy access to archives for both areas. If you have ancestors from this part of England I can probably help you to trace them. I work on ancestry projects in Somerset and Bristol, and am not normally prepared to work farther afield.
I aim to provide a friendly and interactive service, working with you through e-mail. Family research usually throws up plenty of surprises and contradictions which usually upset the best laid plans, so it's important that both parties keep in touch at every stage. Apart from being more fun for everyone, it actually produces better, quicker and more focussed results.
Some of the Records I use
# Civil Registration of Birth, Marriage and Death.
# Census Returns for Great Britain, every 10 years 1841 to 1901.
# Parish Registers and Bishops Transcripts of Church baptisms, marriages and burials. Some date back to 1538, though 1600 is more usual.
# Marriage Licences and Bonds recording intentions of marriage, usually of richer people.
# Wills and Administrations of Goods, often with very important family information, and sometimes Inventories of property.
# Parish Records like Minutes of the Vestry and the Overseers of the Poor, Churchwardens Accounts, Rate Books, Paupers' Settlement Certificates, Apprenticeship records, Vagrancy and Bastardy Certificates. From about 1750 to 1850 with information about the lives of some individuals.
# Tax Records such as Subsidy Rolls, Muster Rolls, Protestation Oaths, Hearth Tax, Poll Tax, Tithe Maps and Apportionments, and Land Tax Assessments. These can give snapshots of (usually property-owning) people at various points in time from Mediaeval to the 19th Century.
# Legal and Criminal Records such as Manor Court Rolls, Gaol Registers, Quarter Sessions, County Assizes, Transportation.

Professional Family History Research from Bristol England

More at
Professional Family History Research from Bristol England
With almost 30 years experience in researching family history, I can help get you answers.
Do you have the desire to know more about your family but not the time?
Or perhaps you're just not in the right location to pursue your family research?
Lost a family member in a census, can’t find that elusive wedding or just don’t know where to look next? Then perhaps I can help.
With virtually 30 years experience in researching family history, I can provide whatever support you require. Whether it's a short ' look-up' or the building of a whole family tree, checking birth, marriage and death indexes, photographs or just a fresh pair of eyes to help you to move forward again.
I've turned my hobby into my full-time profession in order to help others to trace their roots. In the early days I travelled with my mother and grandmother spending weeks away in the North East filling out the detail of a family tree of several thousand relatives when the internet and on-line resources were non-existent. I learnt how and where to search for archive information, and how to find things quickly.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Professional Scottish Family History Research

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Professional Scottish Family History Research
Scottish Genealogy and Family History and we want to share our enthusiasm with you. We tailor our research to the individual needs of each client and their unique Scottish Family Tree.
Scottish Archives and discover more about your Ancestors and their place in Scottish History.
We carry out research in Scotland’s major archives including:
General Register Office for ScotlandNational Archives of ScotlandNational Library of ScotlandMitchell Library GlasgowScottish Genealogy Society LibraryAnd many other Archives, Libraries & Local Studies Centres.

Family Tree researcher for the UK

More at
Family Tree researcher for the UK and offers a 3 month Family Tree package
I carry out research in the county of Buckinghamshire. I can research the Bucks parish records, wills etc. I also provide an ancestral lineage research service for England. Beginning with parents or grandparents I will research back providing information on your ancestors. At the end of the research you will receive a full report and lineage chart contained within a report folder. Also holder of the Sussex, Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire Marriage Indexes
I have local access to the civil registration index (birth, death and marriage indices) which I can visit on a daily basis. I also have access to all the census from 1851-1901, the Pallotts Marriage Index and The National Burial Index. As a member of The Society of Genealogists I have access to the largest collection of parish records in the UK. I offer a friendly, personal, but professional service. I offer a 3 month research service to uncover your family tree beginning with parents, grandparents or great grandparents. Your report will be sent to you in a presentation folder complete with tree and documents.

Yorkshire based family history researcher offering UK research in all areas

More at
Yorkshire based family history researcher offering UK research in all areas
I am a Yorkshire based family history researcher. I offer my services to help build your family tree in full or part or to carry out small investigative searches to assist your own research. This will cover England, Scotland and Wales.
I aim to provide a service that is friendly and professional.
I was the local researcher for my local family history society, undertaking searches for distant members, often from America or Australia and New Zealand with family roots in the UK.I tutored adults in researching their own family history studies.

Professional genealogist in Sweden

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Professional genealogist in Sweden
Language skills:Fluent in English.Fluent in Swedish (native language).Knowledge of German, French, Hebrew, and Latin.
Swedish Genealogy focus on Swedish-American genealogy, and provides research services on the ancestry of Swedish-American immigrants.

UK Professional, reliable genealogy and family history research covering Sussex, Surrey, Kent and London

More at
UK Professional, reliable genealogy and family history research covering Sussex, Surrey, Kent and London
Are you interested in your family history or have you begun your family history but want to take it further? Have you reached a point where you need professional help?
Specialising in Sussex based family history but not restricted to, we also regularly carry out research at Surrey, Kent and London repositories.
Free, no obligation consultation
Location photography
From simple lookups to building full family histories

USA Family history research, lineage society preparation, heir search, missing persons

More at
USA Family history research, lineage society preparation, heir search, missing persons
An organization designed to assist individuals to connect with their past through genealogy research and spiritual awareness. We believe that the study of self through genealogy is a life-changing experience. We have extensive knowledge of the concepts of genealogy and investigative work with over 30 years of experience. Our active case load varies from traditional research, lineage society preparation, heir search, missing persons and even solving of murder mysteries. More importantly, we have been able to bridge schisms created within families over many generations and have successfully connected and re-connected families separated for generations.
Researchers available throughout the US, Salt Lake City with colleagues in Germany, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Ukraine. Susan and members of her staff have traveled extensively in Europe and Eastern Europe and assisted many with their travel to their ancestral towns.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Family Research and Professional Polish Genealogy

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Family Research and Professional Polish Genealogy
Choose our company in Salt Lake City, Utah, to help you in your family research into your German, Eastern European, or Polish genealogy. Don't get frustrated by your search—contact us in Salt Lake City, Utah, for more information today.
Genealogy research in the former areas of Germany/Prussia, Austria-Hungary, Galicia, Poland and other Eastern European countries. In many cases, finding the place of birth of your ancestors can create a real challenge—but it is not an impossible task! There is one major rule in genealogy to follow: start the research from that what you know and let it take you toward the unknown.
Most of the genealogical services are performed at the Salt Lake City Family History Library, also known as the Genealogical Library. This library has the best reputation and genealogical collection in the entire world.
Services Include:• Translations of Genealogical Material• Genealogical Research in the U.S. & Abroad• Consultations • Research Trips
• Finding living relativesin Europe• Finding Documents– Birth, Marriage, & Death Records

Ontario and Quebec Canadian Family History Research

More at
Ontario and Quebec Canadian Family History Research
I am a graduate of the National Institute of Genealogical Studies and have Professional Learning Certificates in Genealogical Studies for both Canadian and American Records. Specializing in Ontario and Quebec research, I have easy access to the Archives of Ontario, Toronto Reference Library and the Canadiana Department of the North York Public Library. With more than twenty-five years experience, I am an expert in the research of Ontario's birth, marriage and death records, census records (1842-1911), newspapers, church, military, probate, and land records, including land petitions and other documents relating to the Loyalists. Few records relating to Canadian immigration survive prior to 1865; however, after that date, detailed ships' passenger lists are available, and these serve as Canada's records of immigration until 1935.
I also have access to Ontario French Catholic parish registers.
Research in both English and French speaking Quebec is another area of expertise. A descendant of Quebec Loyalists myself, I have a great deal of experience locating documents relating to the Loyalists of the Eastern Townships of Quebec, including English parish registers where available. I also have access to French Catholic parish registers throughout the province. These registers are the primary source for Quebec births, marriages and deaths, as civil registration did not begin in that province until very recently. Census records, which predate those available in Ontario, are another source of valuable information.

Scotland-based genealogist can research your tree directly from the original records

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Scotland-based genealogist can research your tree directly from the original records here
From a single certificate to a fully-researched hand-bound Family History Book of your Scottish ancestry, all researched by a professional genealogist in Edinburgh. Free feasibility consultation. Scottish Research using all local resources available:
· Scottish births/marriages/deaths 1855 to dateWell Researched - Well Presented - Wonderfully Received!· Old Parish Registers (baptisms & marriage banns prior to 1855)· Census Records 1841-1901· Kirk Session Minutes· Wills & Testaments· Land registration (transfers, Sasines Register etc)· Court records· Non-conformist Church and other religious records· Records of Poll Tax, Hearth Tax & Valuation Rolls· Electoral rolls, street directories, Post Office/County/Trade directories· Monumental Inscriptions

Genealogy research in USA records including Census, Vital Records, Land, Probate

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I have helped many extend their family lines. I have also helped with small projects, brick walls, and gathering information for family reunions. I can prepare Family Group Sheets and Pedigree Charts if requested. I look forward to assisting those in search of their family history.
*Over 20 years experience.*Available for research*Genealogy research in USA records including Census, Vital Records, Land, Probate*Access to many databases.*Enthusiast research of your genealogical problem in a time-efficient manner.
Affordable Ancestor ResearchLocal research - specializing in Southeast Florida and Martin County*Census *Birth *Death *Marriage *Church *Military *Cemetery*Land *Probate *Social Security *Obituary *Immigration*Published Family History *On-line
* Consultation with you to determine the extent of research desired. I welcome small projects such as look-ups, as well as extensive research assignments on a family.* Locate and search records pertinent to the project. I will search in the appropriate primary and secondary sources and include copies or extracts of documents. I will cite all sources including those that had a negative result.* Evaluate the evidence. I will assess the information for credibility and value to the project.* Prepare Research Reports. I will submit research logs containing a list of sources consulted, their location, and results of the search, I will submit my evaluation and suggestions for further research. If requested, I will prepare Family Group Sheets & Pedigree Charts.* Communicate by email. On longer projects, progress reports will be sent at specified intervals to keep you informed. The next phase of research will be discussed. You will have the opportunity to authorize further investigation or terminate the project at any time.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Illinois Adoption related or missing heir searches, and tracing your family history

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Illinois Adoption related or missing heir searches, and tracing your family history
Our services are diverse and custom tailored to our client's needs. We can perform the search or family history research for you or, if you prefer, we'll simply guide you through the process.
For Cook County, Illinois (Chicago area) Adoption Searches --- A Unique Resource: 'Chicago Daily Law Bulletin' Searches.
Nearly EVERY Cook County adoption had a 'legal notice of adoption' and 'petition to adopt' in this publication.
Able to search by birth name or adoptive parents’ names!
This is a one-of-a-kind, accurate & legal method of obtaining this information that usually can be obtained no other way in Illinois, a closed record state.
Birthparents - learn your adult CHILD'S NAME! The CDLB search provides the adoptive parents’ names, and from there it’s easy to learn the rest of your child’s name.
Adoptees - learn your BIRTH NAME! Occasionally the name of a birthparent is also included!
1934 through 1963: Immediate lookups in computer database with a photo image of actual adoption notice or petition sent to you.

LONDON Research at the FRC, Guildhall, LMA, National Archives, Kew, and other London offices

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All London archives visited; Also hold the West Kent marriage index 1538-1812
I have over 30 years experience of professional research in London.LONDON Research at the FRC, Guildhall, LMA, National Archives, Kew, and other London offices; Also specialise in Kent families

Pennsylvania genealogy Research Specialist

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Pennsylvania genealogy Research Specialist, covering all 67 counties
We are Pennsylvania genealogy research specialists with collateral expertise in New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and Virginia. We conduct on-site research at county court houses and historical/genealogical societies in addition to state and national repositories.
* On-site County Research throughout Pennsylvania
* Pennsylvania State Archives and Pennsylvania State Library Research, Harrisburg, PA
* Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania and Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
* Philadelphia City Archives
* NARA, Mid-Atlantic Branch, Philadelphia, PA
* Library of Congress, Washington, DC
* Pennsylvania Home History Research
* Research in the Surrounding States of New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and Virginia
* German-to-English translation of genealogical documents

Tracing your German ancestors in Germany, Switzerland, Austria

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genealogical research company based in Salt Lake City, Utah, specializing in Tracing your German ancestors in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and other German speaking countries. We also do background work in United States and Canadian sources, in order to determine the exact place of origin of your ancestor(s).
Using the vast collection of German language records at the Family History Library, as well as local agents in Europe, we provide a comprehensive research package for all who are documenting their German heritage.
Please choose a specific area of interest from the list at left, and we will provide you with further information on availability of records and resources.
Genealogical services provides detailed and fully documented research projects, along with copies of original documents from microfilm and published sources available at the Family History Library and other repositories around the world.
Our location in Salt Lake City offers us access to the most extensive genealogical library anywhere, including a microfilm collection in excess of two million rolls.
Filmed church and civil registers from Germany, Switzerland and other countries provide original source material unequalled in any other library, even in Europe.

Hungarian Jewish ancestral research

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Hungarian Jewish ancestral research and a surname database of Hungarian Jews
All kinds of researches are provided - finding graves, locating long lost relatives, putting together family trees, etc.

Professional researcher specialising in British & Welsh ancestry

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Professional researcher specialising in British & Welsh ancestry
Our professional family tree package is more than just charts.We use the most up to date software package which provides a selection of charts, family trees etc.We will also go the extra mile & obtain as much history, photos of the area as possible.All information is presented in a professional file.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Research company located near the Family History Library in Salt Lake City

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Research company located near the Family History Library in Salt Lake City
Genealogical research company located near the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, which holds the world’s largest genealogy record collection. Our team of professional genealogists specializes in researching family trees, including U.S. genealogy, the British Isles, Germany, Canadian genealogy, Italy, and much more. We can help you in the search for your ancestral roots!
Our professional genealogists (often misspelled as "geneologists") have university degrees in genealogy and family history, are accredited genealogists, have received certifications and other awards, and/or have decades of genealogy experience. You can read about each professional genealogist and feel assured that your family tree research will be in great hands.
Since our professional genealogists reside in Utah, near the Family History Library, we have access to millions of genealogy records and databases. Hiring a Utah genealogist group is really the best and easiest way to discover your family tree, no matter where your ancestors resided! If we aren't able to access a record through the Family History Library in Utah, we have contacts with agents all over the world who access records for us.
Professional Genealogy Research
If you want to learn more about your heritage, you've found the right place! We specialize in researching family trees.
ResearchYour family tree will be researched by professional genealogists who know how to compile accurate genealogies using original records.
We conduct most of our research at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, which holds the world's largest collection of genealogical records. We also direct research at other archives and repositories when needed.
DocumentationWe create well-documented and accurate family trees. Our professional genealogists will provide you with copies of original documents about your ancestors, sometimes with your ancestors' own signatures!
These documents include birth and death certificates, marriage records, wills, deeds, and more.
ReportingEach research session includes a full research report written by a professional genealogist and peer-reviewed using stringent quality assurance guidelines.
This report discusses all aspects of the research performed and includes professional recommendations for extending your family tree in the future.
We also include a research calendar with each project, which is a list of all records searched.
Genealogical chartsWe not only research your family tree, we organize it for you.
We organize your family tree into a computerized and printed file with ancestry and family charts (pedigree charts and family group sheets). This file includes birth, marriage, and death information for your ancestors, with source documentation.
Paper copies of these charts will be included in your project binder and you will also be able to download an electronic version of the charts through a web page we create for you.
Presentation binderWe send our research results in an attractive navy blue binder.Genealogical research binder

Genealogical Research and Slovak Translation Service

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Genealogical Research and Slovak Translation Service
SLOVAK GENEALOGY AND TRANSLATION SERVICES welcomes you to this site. If you are interested in your family tree, family history, ancestral past, having documents and letters translated or help to locate relatives and family members still living in the Slovak Republic, you have come to the right place. We provide Genealogy Research to trace your family history and upon completion we will send you a completed Ancestral Report containing your Personal Ancestral Chart, Family Group Sheets and Pedigree Charts listing all names and pertinent information on your Ancestors. In addition copies of church records containing baptismal, marriage and death information will also be included in your report. Research is conducted in those former areas of the Austria - Hungarian Empire and Czechoslovakia which are now present day Slovakia. We also provide a translation service to translate documents and letters into English, Slovak or Czech . If you are trying to find distant relatives and family members still living in Slovakia we will use our resources to help find them and put you in touch with them. We will also help you with any correspondence and letter writing that you may wish to do with your new found relatives.

Network of highly experienced researchers all over the globe!

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Network of highly experienced researchers all over the globe! Free e-mail consultations.
For the first time a network of highly experienced professional researchers around the globe has joined together offering;● Genealogical research,● Biographies including details on how and where your ancestors did live.● What it was like then and what it's like now, special timelines etc,● Paralegal expertise,● Special individual arrangements for your "trip back to your roots", including accommodation, travel, guides etc,
We also offer free email consultations.

Family history research in the Midwest USA

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Family history research in the Midwest USA
Specializing in Ohio, Michigan, New York and Pennsylvania.
Full time researcher since 2002 with continuing education over several areas ranging from census work to immigration & naturalization to the European countries of my heritage.
I offer minimal to extensive family history research on an hourly basis with flexibility to handle special situations on a case by case basis. My experience comes from previous research in the Midwest and Northeast with my area of specialty being Ohio.

New Zealand genealogy research

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New Zealand genealogy research
I have helped several hundred people over the last three years. I am able to do all types of New Zealand research including tracing living family members. I can help you with obtaining birth, death and marriage certificates, wills, military records, searching electoral rolls, immigration records and much more. I have a large library of records. My specialties are military research, migration records and researching families in the Auckland province. I have a range of genealogy CDs for sale with records relating to my areas of interest.

Missing Heirs & Genealogy Research in Argentina and Latin America

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Missing Heirs & Genealogy Research in Argentina and Latin America
For more than fifteen years we have dedicated to Genealogy Research, gaining a great amount of experience in this field, which allow us to determine the best methodology to make a professional research.
Working jointly with professional investigators all over the world, we have united a highly specialized research team prepared to solve all types of genealogy queries.
Our organization have a sole objective: Give you the best answer about the knowledge of your Family History.
Working jointly with worldwide professional experts, we have formed a research team, specially compound to solve all your consultations.
We consider, Family History is unique and special for every single person, because of this reason, professional counseling and compromise with genealogy investigations are our groundwork.
In virtue of this, we work with all our passion at service of Family Roots.

Family history research in English records

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Family history research in English records
I offer a range of services from simple look-ups to presentation-quality family histories. With access to the extensive archives available in London, as well as the increasing body of information accessible digitally online, I am able to research families nationally in England & Wales back to 1837 and often much further.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana Professional genealogical and historical research

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Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana Professional genealogical and historical research and report writing.
Qualified researcher and writer, conducting record searches and more extensive historical and family line projects. Conduct research in state libraries and archives, county courthouses, historical societies, public libraries and local Family History Centers. I'll perform records look-ups and photocopies, as well as consult with you to resolve research problems or investigate more extensive research links. Member of several historical and genealogical societies in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana; over 12 years experience