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Genealogical and Historical Research in New England

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Genealogical and Historical Research in New England
Services:• Genealogical and Historical research throughout New England• Complex problem investigation• Background research for authors• Research conforming to the Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS)• Records searched include: cemetery, census, church, court, deed,directories, manuscripts, military, newspapers, probate, tax,and vital records• Access to: New England Historic Genealogical Society, StateArchives, National Archives-Northeast Region, local FamilyHistory Center, Historical Societies, American AntiquarianSociety, and other New England repositories• Will provide: detailed research report with source citations,evidence analysis, conclusions, future research suggestions, andcopies of applicable records.

UK Genealogy Service specialising in the Late Mediæval, Tudor & Stuart periods

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UK Genealogy Service specialising in the Late Mediæval, Tudor & Stuart periods
Repositories Visited: Include the British Library, London Family History Centre, London Metropolitan Archives, National Archives at Kew, National Portrait Gallery, and the Society of Genealogists' Library
Fields Covered: Genealogy & Family History, Theatre History, Local History, Biographical & Literary Research; Transcription of Early English Documents; Transcription with Translation of Mediæval French & Latin; Research from the Original French; Digital Photography of Documents, Gravestones, and Historic/Ancestral Locations
Services: Full Research Assignments, Targeted Look-Ups, Transcription, Editorial Work & Customised Gifts, all undertaken on a pre-agreed hourly basis, including Detailed Genealogy & Family History Research Charts & Summaries Traditional Family Trees Tailored Relationship Charts Deed Calendars Analytic Diagrams Palæography -- Transcription & Translation of documents running from the Middle Ages to the Present (including Wills and Administrations, Title Deeds, Manorial Records, Ancient Petitions, etc.), in early English, French & Latin Manuscript Editing & Proof-Reading

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UK Research at record office archives in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset

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UK Research at record office archives in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset
I am a friendly, experienced researcher specialising in families from Devon, Cornwall and Somerset. I can visit the Devon Record Office and Westcountry Studies Library in Exeter, the record offices in Plymouth and Barnstaple, as well as the Somerset Record Office in Taunton and the Cornwall Record Office in Truro. I search parish registers for records of birth, marriage and death, but also look at all other relevant records, including tax records, records of the Overseers of the Poor, card indexes, estate records, will indexes, newspaper archives etc. I am also expert at tracing ancestors via census records and in many underused online resources.

European Regional Genealogical Services

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European Regional Genealogical Services
Finding relatives, family tree research, finding people / locate person, vital records - certificates, heir & probate research, court record checking, background checking and services based on your claim. Since 2005. Serbia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro.

Genealogy research at the Family History Library

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Genealogy research company located near the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, UT
genealogical research company located near the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, which holds the world’s largest genealogy record collection. Our team of professional genealogists specializes in researching family trees, including U.S. genealogy, the British Isles, Germany, Canadian genealogy, Italy, and much more. We can help you in the search for your ancestral roots!
Our professional genealogists have university degrees in genealogy and family history, are accredited genealogists, have received certifications and other awards, and/or have decades of genealogy experience. You can read about each professional genealogist and feel assured that your family tree research will be in great hands.
Since our professional genealogists reside in Utah, near the Family History Library, we have access to millions of genealogy records and databases. Hiring a Utah genealogist group is really the best and easiest way to discover your family tree, no matter where your ancestors resided! If we aren't able to access a record through the Family History Library in Utah, we have contacts with agents all over the world who access records for us.
Professional Genealogy Research
Your family tree will be researched by professional genealogists who know how to compile accurate genealogies using original records.
We conduct most of our research at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, which holds the world's largest collection of genealogical records. We also direct research at other archives and repositories when needed.
DocumentationWe create well-documented and accurate family trees. Our professional genealogists will provide you with copies of original documents about your ancestors, sometimes with your ancestors' own signatures!
These documents include birth and death certificates, marriage records, wills, deeds, and more.
ReportingEach research session includes a full research report written by a professional genealogist and peer-reviewed using stringent quality assurance guidelines.
This report discusses all aspects of the research performed and includes professional recommendations for extending your family tree in the future.
We also include a research calendar with each project, which is a list of all records searched.
Genealogical chartsWe not only research your family tree, we organize it for you.
We organize your family tree into a computerized and printed file with ancestry and family charts (pedigree charts and family group sheets). This file includes birth, marriage, and death information for your ancestors, with source documentation.
Paper copies of these charts will be included in your project binder and you will also be able to download an electronic version of the charts through a web page we create for you.
Presentation binderWe send our research results in an attractive navy blue binder.Genealogical research binder
Binder includes:
* Research report* Ancestry chart(s)* Family group sheets* List of records searched* Documents
Private web pageWe create a private (non-searchable) web page for each of our clients. This makes it easy for you to share our discoveries with your relatives.
Each web page includes research reports on your ancestry, scanned copies of documents, and a downloadable file with your genealogy charts.

UK Professional Family History Research

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UK Professional Family History Research
Professional Family History Research throughout the UK with Oxon and Berks a speciality
genealogical research service to clients throughout the UK, with the counties of Oxon and Berks a speciality. As a small company it offers a very professional, friendly and personal service at an affordable price.
Services offered include genealogical research, full family history research, biographical research, local history research, tracing of living relatives, palaeography and transcription, certificate ordering, and location photography.
Records used include those of General Registration (Births, Deaths and Marriages), Census returns, local Parish records, Probate records, Armed Services records, Education and Occupation records, Migration and Transportation records, Non-conformist records, Newspapers, Trade Directories and many others.

Family history research, jewish research, lineage society preparation

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Family history research, jewish research, lineage society preparation, heir search, missing persons
Our team is methodical in our approach, understanding of our clients needs and dedicated to meeting the your research objectives. Susan is well traveled in Europe and Eastern Europe with colleagues on the ground to assist with international research.
researchers available throughout the US, Salt Lake City with colleagues in Germany, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Ukraine. Susan and members of her staff have traveled extensively in Europe and Eastern Europe and assisted many with their travel to their ancestral towns.

Genealogy research service in Australia

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Complete and affordable Genealogy research service in Australia and the United Kingdom
Do you want to learn more about your origins? Do you have an ancestor that fought in the war? Are you looking for relatives? I have been researching family histories for nearly 20 years. I have helped hundreds of people in these years with their family history and have treated each one as if it were my own. I research every available avenue and treat each case with the personal touch it deserves. I have access to a vast range of records which I have listed below, and exclusive access to records not available to the public as yet. My fees are very reasonable I believe for the time and effort I put into each family history. I am always happy to offer free advice wherever I can for those who wish to do the research by themselves. I am happy to research any request whether it be a full family history or a search on a single individual. I aim to inform the enquirer throughout the process of what steps I am taking and will never order any certificates etc without consent first. I look forward to hearing from you.
My SpecialtyI specialise mainly in histories of Australian and British families. If however within my research I discover a family member in another country than I am happy to supply any available records as I have contacts all over the world. I also specialise in the military records of Australian Service personnel starting with the Boer War.
Records AvailableThe following is an idea of the records I will search. The aim in searching all these records is to not only expand your family tree but to get a good idea of what your ancestors lives were like, how they lived etc.Births Deaths & Marriages – Civil RegistrationCivil registration of Births Deaths and marriages was first introduced in England and Wales in 1837 and in Australia it was 1838. A great deal of information can be gained from these certificates and the information provided varies from country to country. This source is the foundation for family history research which can then be expanded through other records.
Census RecordsThe first National censuses were taken in England, Wales and Scotland in 1801. To begin with these census returns were only for statistical purposes. After 1841 further information about the persons age, birthplace, occupation and the family relationships was added. Unfortunately there are no national censuses for Australia at this time.
Parish RegistersPrior to civil registration parish registers that record baptisms, marriages and burials are the prime source of information. The earliest English parish registers date from 1538. I can access both English and Australian parish registers.
Military RecordsI am able to research Australian service personnel from the Boer War onwards, however I specialise in World War One and World War Two servicemen. I am able to provide unit histories, war diaries, service records etc. In most cases I can tell you what battle a serviceman died in and provide information on this battle. I am also able to provide in nearly all cases their burial location and provide a photograph of their final resting place. I also have exclusive access to the grave registration cards for World War Two servicemen. These cards are not readily available to the public and contain vital information such as cause of death, original burial location etc.
NewspapersI have access to hundreds of newspapers and have found these to be extremely beneficial. In many cases obituaries can be found in the older newspapers and quite often photographs and articles on marriages etc in later editions of the newspapers. I thoroughly search any relevant newspaper as I know from experience anything could be found.
Shipping and immigrationImmigration records are an important source of information. Within these records, passenger lists identify who within the family made the journey and from which country and in the case of the United Kingdom, which county they originated from. Approximately 1.5 million free migrants moved to Australia before 1900, with the majority coming from England. After 1945 approximately 6.5 million migrants from countries all over Europe made Australian their home. Quite often families returned home and this can also be traced.
Criminal Records - ConvictsBetween 1788 and 1868 around 162,000 convicts were sent to Australia from the United Kingdom. Through records in Australia and the United Kingdom, information of their original crime, sentence and passage can be found. Often the records of the crime and the trial can provide far more personal information about the individual than can be found in many other sources.WillsElectoral Rolls
PhotographsPhotographs are of course an invaluable asset to any family history. Where possible I will try and locate any photographs that relate to the family such as houses where they resided, schools, churches and burial locations. In the case of Australian servicemen I will also search for a photograph of the individual. If there is any particular photograph that you would like, than I will do my best to take it for you.
RelativesIf you are interested in tracing any relatives in Australia than I can help with that as well. I have had a high success rate in this and have been able to re-unite a considerable amount of families.
Documents that will be included (if available):Photocopies of Baptisms, Marriages and Death entries from original Parish RegistersBirth, marriage and death certificatesPhotocopies of Census returns showing past family membersPhotographs – where possiblePhotocopies of Australian personnel service records, battalion histories and war diaries.Photocopies of Newspaper articles

Professional Genealogical research in Poland

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Professional Genealogical research in Poland
I started in family genealogy research 10 years ago. It soon became my passion and I created a professional research business. Our goal now is to help others experience the same WONDERFUL family discovery.I am an energetic, hard working, person. I enjoy helping others find out the history of their family.
Warsaw, Poland. I have been researching "professionally" for about 6 years. I have performed extensive research on various family histories, covering of Poland. In my research, I have utilized State and Diocesan Archives, Church and Paroise Archives, in Vital Records Offices, cemeteries and the Internet. Few people know that Polish archives are mainly non-digitalised thus research is manual research in old documents.

Professional Family Tree Packages and Family History research in Cambridgeshire Essex Hertfordshire Suffolk

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Professional Family History, Family Tree Packages and family history research in Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire and Suffolk
Professional Family History provides trustworthy, high quality genealogy services for the novice, hobbyist and professional family historian.
Have you often thought about tracing your family tree but do not have the time or expertise? I offer a number of ready-made family tree packages to research your family back as far as the early 1800s (often late 1700s). Unlike some other websites, all of my packages include ALL of the birth, marriage AND death certificates located during the research into your ancestors, obtained at cost from the General Register Office. You will also receive copies of any census records found. A number of options are available depending on the number of surnames you wish to trace, the depth of the research required and, of course, your budget. Please visit the family tree packages page for further information. More information concerning certificates and census records may be found on the family tree sources page.
Are you an enthusiastic hobbyist who has become well and truly stuck and would like some advice? I have a number of years experience of family history research. Please refer to the why choose me? page for my particular areas of expertise.
Have you been researching your own family history for some time or are you a professional genealogist and you need a professional to conduct local family history research in Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire or Suffolk on your behalf? Perhaps you just want some “look-ups” carried out in parish registers.

USA Professional Genealogist can Build your family tree

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USA Professional Genealogist can Build your family tree
Services● Build your family tree with linked documentation● Compose family history from your English-language researched documents● Edit and accurately document family history you may have started● Web research● Family History Library (SLC) research (schedule may vary)● Interview family members for family history● Write research reports and proof arguments

USA Family History Research

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USA Family History Research
Our goal is to open the doors to the past by researching your family history and providing you with documentation to support the research. Where possible we provide original source documents and certified copies of official birth, marriage and death records that prove your ancestry. We also provide information from census records such as addresses and occupations that tell a story of your ancestors. Sometimes it's more interesting to discover where they lived and what they did for a living.
We can also provide online access to a personal tree that we will host for you and your family to browse.
With our personal trees our primary research has been in the following locations:
Most of the United Kingdom:
England concentrating on Suffolk, Lancashire, Surrey, London, Wiltshire, Yorkshire, and Shropshire, including the Channel Islands.
Scotland and Wales, all areas.
USA concentrating on Connecticut, Missouri, Virginia, Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Texas
Canada concentrating on Ontario