Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Genealogy research at the Family History Library

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Genealogy research company located near the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, UT
genealogical research company located near the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, which holds the world’s largest genealogy record collection. Our team of professional genealogists specializes in researching family trees, including U.S. genealogy, the British Isles, Germany, Canadian genealogy, Italy, and much more. We can help you in the search for your ancestral roots!
Our professional genealogists have university degrees in genealogy and family history, are accredited genealogists, have received certifications and other awards, and/or have decades of genealogy experience. You can read about each professional genealogist and feel assured that your family tree research will be in great hands.
Since our professional genealogists reside in Utah, near the Family History Library, we have access to millions of genealogy records and databases. Hiring a Utah genealogist group is really the best and easiest way to discover your family tree, no matter where your ancestors resided! If we aren't able to access a record through the Family History Library in Utah, we have contacts with agents all over the world who access records for us.
Professional Genealogy Research
Your family tree will be researched by professional genealogists who know how to compile accurate genealogies using original records.
We conduct most of our research at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, which holds the world's largest collection of genealogical records. We also direct research at other archives and repositories when needed.
DocumentationWe create well-documented and accurate family trees. Our professional genealogists will provide you with copies of original documents about your ancestors, sometimes with your ancestors' own signatures!
These documents include birth and death certificates, marriage records, wills, deeds, and more.
ReportingEach research session includes a full research report written by a professional genealogist and peer-reviewed using stringent quality assurance guidelines.
This report discusses all aspects of the research performed and includes professional recommendations for extending your family tree in the future.
We also include a research calendar with each project, which is a list of all records searched.
Genealogical chartsWe not only research your family tree, we organize it for you.
We organize your family tree into a computerized and printed file with ancestry and family charts (pedigree charts and family group sheets). This file includes birth, marriage, and death information for your ancestors, with source documentation.
Paper copies of these charts will be included in your project binder and you will also be able to download an electronic version of the charts through a web page we create for you.
Presentation binderWe send our research results in an attractive navy blue binder.Genealogical research binder
Binder includes:
* Research report* Ancestry chart(s)* Family group sheets* List of records searched* Documents
Private web pageWe create a private (non-searchable) web page for each of our clients. This makes it easy for you to share our discoveries with your relatives.
Each web page includes research reports on your ancestry, scanned copies of documents, and a downloadable file with your genealogy charts.

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