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Archivist, palaeographer and historical researcher in the East Midlands of England

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Pre-census genealogy. Ancestral Biography. Mediaeval & Early Modern Latin translated.
Qualified & experienced Archivist, palaeographer and historical researcher in the East Midlands of England - Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Rutland. Specialist in tracing origins of early New England settlers in this region, which includes the homes of several Pilgrim Father Families around Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. New discoveries and corrections of published genealogies are still being made.
Training and consultancy in research skills (palaeography, diplomatic, latin, etc.). A lot more happened in your ancestors' lives than just baptism, marriage and burial. I can help you to tease out the other aspects of their experience, particularly if they lived in Pilgrim Father or "Tales of Gotham" Country.
A wealth of untapped evidence survives from Mediaeval and Early Modern England, including wills and inventories, manorial and bawdy court records, deeds and terriers; you would benefit from the help of a professional in deciphering and interpreting them. The results could be surprising; do you just want a genealogy or would you prefer ancestral biography?
Genealogical research service
Ancestrography specialises in pre-census genealogy and genealogical biography. There is a wealth of sources available in local archives of which only a small proportion is yet online. Research prior to 1841 (the first detailed census year) becomes progressively more difficult and expert advice or completion will often be of inestimable value; before 1733 many documents were in Latin and we can help you jump this hurdle too. Projects undertaken by Ancestrography in the East Midlands; advice given for projects throughout the UK.
Family trees and ancestral biographies compiled from all available sources including census, parish registers, wills and inventories, manorial records, poor law records, churchwardens' accounts and many more. Set in the context of demography, local and national history, and the sociological history of families, which is now an academic discipline in its own right.
Many thanks for this additional information. Previously they were just names and dates but having more background to them makes them much more real.
Latin and English documents transcribed, translated and fully interpreted, giving you extra insights into your ancestors' lives.
Thank you for dealing so quickly with my enquiry and for producing such an excellent first report. I am particularly pleased with the transcription of [the] will and your accompanying comments.
He has researched extensively in archives throughout Great Britain and has taught historical research methods for the universities of Birmingham, Keele, Leicester, and Oxford. He is developing an expertise in the History of the Family, teaching modules on Kinship and Marriage at the University of Nottingham during 2007-2008.
Archive consultancy service
Transcription, translation and interpretation of Latin and English documents
Thanks very much for the translation. I’m well pleased. You wouldn't believe how difficult it is to find someone who is willing and capable to take on this kind of work.
Training in Latin and palaeography (reading old handwriting)
Palaeographical analysis
Consultancy service for individuals, institutions and businesses about creating and caring for an archive
Planning your own documentary research projects, identifying key sources of information and their locations
House and landscape history
Do you want to discover the history of your home? You might meet some amazing characters from the past! The story of your house will give you great pleasure and be something to share with your family, friends and neighbours. I can help you to identify physical clues in the fabric of the building, carry out thorough documentary research, and produce a printed and illustrated report.
Projects undertaken in Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire; consultancy and training service for research in other parts of England.

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