Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Family History Research for England and Wales

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Family History Research for England and Wales
Family History and Record Agent
I specialise in research for Worcestershire, Birmingham and Warwickshire but through Worcester Family History Centre am able to hire microfilms for many other counties, plus I have many professional contacts throughout England whom I can call on for assistance where records not available to me.
I have been a family historian for twenty years and have lived in Worcestershire all my life, with many family members living in Birmingham. So I have a wealth of knowledge for the area.
I like to think I offer an excellent service and have had many recommendations from clients. I treat all my clients as individuals. Some prefer a business-like approach. Some prefer to treat me as a friend - or even a member of the family!
Family history can be presented in many ways. The choice is yours. Perhaps you prefer a simple email....or perhaps a professional report with the inclusion of photographs of relevant places. The choice is yours.
I hope to hear from you soon when together we can build a picture of your ancestors.

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