Thursday, May 13, 2010

Slovak genealogy research

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Slovak genealogy research - ancestry, relative and research. photo documentation, family tree
The following services are offered to you:
archive researchancestry toursrelatives searchphoto and video portfoliostranslating and interpreting
Offer of the genealogy services in Slovakia:
Archive researchBirth, marriage, death and other church records, census and military records and other old documents, certificates and photos will provide you with the information about a hidden past.Ancestral toursSet on the adventurous journey and visit your old motherland. Get acquainted with your family history and the places of your origin. Explore remote villages and mediaeval towns’ sights.
What can we do for you?
* to organize the trip* to customize the route* to advise interesting events, such as mediaeval markets, reconstructions of historical battles, festivals and concerts* to assist in research* to provide translation and interpretation
All your requirements can be satisfiedRelatives searchThere are not many stronger feelings than finding somebody lost for decades on the other side of the world. It is wonderful to realize that time, distance or language mean almost nothing when the family meets againArea guidanceSpecial service focusing on detailed information on the region you are interested in. It includes history, folk traditions and folk art, interesting places, old photos, postcards, or any other specific issues.Ancestry photo seta collection of photos of the village or area of your ancestors. The photo set will lead you through the places and landscapes where your ancestors spent their lives.
Use a photo set as a virtual guide. Visit the church where your ancestors were baptized and married. Walk through the streets and along the houses where they grew up and see the cemetery and gravestones where they were buried. If you wish discover also the surrounding countryside. The set contains a CD of 100 high-resolution digital photos of printable quality.Family tree designan electronic or printed version of the family tree Translating the documents & interpreting

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