Friday, March 12, 2010

Family Research and Professional Polish Genealogy

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Family Research and Professional Polish Genealogy
Choose our company in Salt Lake City, Utah, to help you in your family research into your German, Eastern European, or Polish genealogy. Genealogy Explorer can assist you by performing family research in the United States and beyond to help you determine your family's history. Don't get frustrated by your search—contact us in Salt Lake City, Utah, for more information today.
Genealogy Explorer provides genealogical research in the former areas of Germany/Prussia, Austria-Hungary, Galicia, Poland and other Eastern European countries. In many cases, finding the place of birth of your ancestors can create a real challenge—but it is not an impossible task! There is one major rule in genealogy to follow: start the research from that what you know and let it take you toward the unknown.
Genealogy Explorer can assist you or do the research for you. Our professionals evaluate your case and show you the way to approach the problem. Genealogy Explorer will put you on the right track towards achieving success in your quest.
Our company was established in 2003, but since 1991 we have been performing genealogical research in the U.S. and abroad. Our experts are glad to help you in any way possible to locate and understand your desired information and genealogical data. Most of the genealogical services are performed at the Salt Lake City Family History Library, also known as the Genealogical Library. This library has the best reputation and genealogical collection in the entire world.
Services Include:• Translations of Genealogical Material• Genealogical Research in the U.S. & Abroad• Consultations • Research Trips
• Finding living relativesin Europe• Finding Documents– Birth, Marriage, & Death Records

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