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England Genealogy & Personal History Services

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England Genealogy & Personal History Services
Welcome! Family History Journey provides a full range of professional genealogy and personal history services.
If you don't have the time or the expertise, or you have given up, we can start or continue your family history tree in Victorian England for you.
Pursuing your family history research beyond the Victorian era often requires access to national and county archives, and/or specialist or local libraries. We provide these advanced research services: we pick up the local thread on your behalf and using parish and manorial records pursue your pre-Victorian history.
Visiting your ancestral 'patch' in England can be a minefield without local knowledge. We can arrange for you to meet up with a local history expert who can help understand the area, put your own family history in that area in context, and enable you to walk in your ancestors' footsteps.
Everybody has a story to tell, and we can help you to tell that story. Your own personal history can be recorded, in writing or orally, for you to keep privately or for publication. We can also help you to trace living persons.
All our services are provided in the strictest confidence.
Starting, or continuing, your family history tree
You can book an all-inclusive family research package. Starting with one or more of your English-born ancestors, we will trace your genealogy back to the early part of the 19th century.
Genealogy researcher services
Tracing your pre-Victorian family history: an experienced researcher will locate and search archives and libraries for, at least, baptism, marriage and burial records. We will also search manorial, newspaper and other local records for more biographical material about your ancestors. You set the budget for the research.
Archive and document locating, searching and copying: this can be time-consuming, especially if you are not sure where to look. Family History Journey will locate relevant records for you, and tnen if required search in person, or arrange for a search, of the particular records. The appropriate documents or record entry can then be copied (scanned, photocopied or photographed and/or transcribed).
Family History Journey services are available throughout England, in particular the south and south east, the midlands, and the north west (including west Yorkshire) where we regularly visit the National Archives, the London Metropolitan Archives, the Society of Genealogists library, county records offices, and other specialist collections.
Family History Guided Tours
Simply specify where your ancestors lived (one place or more). Family History Journey can advise you on your itinerary, and book your local historian. Local accommodation and transport can be arranged for you as required.
The specific history and geography of each village, town and city in England are unique, and the availability of historical sites can vary considerably. In any given place, there may be:
* the place or road where your ancestors lived, or as close as * the Parish Church, and other religious buildings, where your ancestors were baptized, married or buried * the Manor House, or Hall, and cottages * historic inns, taverns and public housess familiar to your ancestors * civic buildings, local history centres, and museums * places of occupational and/or industrial relevance to your ancestors, such as mills and forges * remains of earlier times eg Viking, Anglo-Saxon, Roman, Iron Age and Stone Age * folk customs & traditions remembered in modern events, eg plays, dancing and re-enactments
Family History Journey will advise you about what sites are available in your ancestors' home village or town and what type of tour(s) is most appropriate for the time you have available and your budget:
Walking tours: usually half a day (3-4 hours) and are suitable for 1-12 persons. One, two or more walking tours can be booked around the same area. You can also book tours in different parts of England or the UK.
Vehicular tours: half a day or a full day. For your comfort, MPVs (Multipurpose Passenger Vehicles) are used for 1-6 persons and mini-vans/buses for 7-12 persons. All vehicles and drivers are licensed and insured as public carriers. These tours can take in several historic sites and villages in an area in one day.

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