Friday, April 02, 2010

Specialize in scattered families especially in North Carolina, US, UK & Finland

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Specialize in scattered families especially in North Carolina, US, UK & Finland - No project is too small
We are a US-based, internet-savvy, genealogy & family research firm with almost 20 years of experience. We have primarily done research in North Carolina, US, UK, Finland and emigration records -- we have also researched French-Canadian, French, Galician/Polish, Russian and Ukrainian records! So, if you live in the US and would like to research your family both here and in the countries they emigrated from -- we are the researchers for you.
We have ready access to most North Carolina records (we are based in the state capital, home of the state archives and library and have researched early 1700s to mid 1900s records and performed African-American and slavery research), US & UK censuses, passenger records, Finnish Parish records, and many other resources! If your project requires a type of record access we don't have, we'll either partner up with another researcher or subscribe to a service.
No project is too small for us! We are best with projects that either have a NC focus or those that cut across county, state and national lines ... the smorgasbord families. For very specific, single geography research outside of NC, another research firm might be your best choice!
Otherwise, if your family hailed from NC or was fairly mobile (within the US, the UK or around Europe) ... we are excellent at researching around the globe! We have many resources at our fingertips and are great at ferreting out hard-to-find information.

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