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Genealogy Research covering UK & Ireland

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Genealogy Research covering UK & Ireland. All archives accessed. Easy access to those in London and Eastern England
Our professional genealogy service covers the whole of the UK and Ireland. We have wide-ranging experience of research at the national and front-rank repositories of London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberystwyth, Belfast and Dublin, and are always willing to travel to local record offices, libraries etc, should it be helpful to do so. In particular, we have easy access to, and special working knowledge of, the archives of London and the record offices of Eastern England – Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire – our base area.
Our UK & Ireland research falls into two categories:
FAMILY TREE RESEARCHThis is detailed family research that uncovers the lives of your ancestors, generation by generation. Branches of your family tree are systematically retraced and brought to life.
You choose from a range of different size ‘packages’.
CUSTOMISED RESEARCHThis is research tailored to meet your special requirements.
Some possibilities:• Micro-research – in-depth research into the life of a particular family or family member (rather than covering, say, three or four generations).• Eastern Counties research – research taking advantage of our practised knowledge of the nearby Record Offices of Eastern England. (Useful if this is where your family took root.)• London archive research – specialist research at The National Archives that would benefit from our charge-free travel. (Useful for extensive work on service records, criminal records, land and property ownership and occupancy, for instance.)• Support research – research for the enthusiast who is exploring his own family history but who needs some professional assistance to overcome problems and to push things on a little, time permitting.• Location photography and research – research culminating in the photographing of places of special importance to earlier generations and which are still standing (houses, schools, headstones, etc).
Extended research is also offered.

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