Tuesday, June 08, 2010

England Family Tree Genealogy

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FAMILY TREE GENEALOGY RESEARCH within Bristol, Gloucester,Wiltshire,Devon, Somerset areas
England Family Tree Genealogy
- Dedicated and determined to find the right ancestors for you.
My research centres on ancestors within the Bristol, Gloucester,Wiltshire,Devon,Somerset areas and offers a prompt, professional and friendly service. I can also delve into ancestors hailing from Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire and South Wales. I use records available from government records offices and historical records available from archives.I start with all available information given to me concerning your family and build up a portfolio from there of each section of your family name; commencing with yourselves and grandparents, then upwards to four generations if possible. Also any other family members found are indicated on the summary which you are presented with. As official records commenced from 1837 onwards, any details before that take longer to locate and parish records then need to be looked at.
A. Research one individual of your Family Tree. (includes up to 3 birth, death or marriage certificates)
B. Additional birth, death or marriage certificates
C. One line or surname traced back to early 1800's.(Includes up to 9 birth, death or marriage certificates)
D. Two lines traced back to early 1800's.

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