Sunday, June 06, 2010

Professional Genealogist in African American Research and Native American Research

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Professional Genealogist in African American Research and Native American Research
● I am a professional genealogist conducting research for over 30 years.● Research available in any state in the US with special focus on Michigan● Extensive knowledge of genealogical information repositories for all Midwest states including the worlds largest genealogical collection, the LDS Family History Library, also the third largest genealogical library for the Midwest, the Library of Michigan, which houses many excellent sources for Midwest family history. I also can conduct research in Michigan's State Archives, the Clarke Library, which contains a vast collection of Native American records for the Midwest. Can also conduct research in all local county courthouses.● References available upon request.● My specialty is obtaining the records, etc. to document several generations of your family history. Then presenting it to you in a format that you can share with your family and future generations.
● Will conduct research in all states in the United States, specializing in African American and Native American.
● Can help trace your African American ancestor to a plantation before Emancipation. Search all records pertaining to the plantation owner such as land records, settlement papers, day books, and all records that were created during slavery.
● Can help trace your Native American ancestry. Search all Indian census rolls, in all areas where Native Americans resided such as North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Oklahoma where Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw lived. Will search any state in the West and Midwest where tribes such as Chippewa, Ottawa, Pottawamie, and Sioux lived.
● Full genealogical research available, including travel and photography of your hometown, cemeteries, old homestead, etc.

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