Monday, July 19, 2010

Original record sources in all parts of UK and Ireland

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Old-established, reputable firm with access to Original record sources in all parts of UK and Ireland
we have traced the ancestry of more than seven thousand families from all walks of life. Each case is supervised by one of our team of experienced professionals, and we maintain the highest standards of proof to make sure that your family has been traced accurately.
In recent years, genealogy has been energised by the release of many records online, and a number of new organisations have sprung up offering to search these readily available resources.
The online sources still represent only a fraction of the material available to the experienced genealogist. Local archives hold a wealth of original records, most of which require specific expertise to interpret.
We have access to the full range of records in the UK and Ireland, from medieval times to the present, and we also undertake research in the countries to which ancestors emigrated: North America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

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